Watch the first gameplay trailer for Role -rray racing game Resistor



In the hope of arousing an even greater interest in the upcoming Ran Role Game Resistor, Pqube and Long Way Home presented a new trailer, which first shows the gameplay for the first time.

The game Resistor was first presented in June 2023 and has since conquered fans with its arcade action and vivid visual effects resembling racing games for PS2. Pqube tells in detail about the gameplay Resistor, demonstrating explosive automobile battles and tricks.

Resistor immerses players in a world where they will participate in races called Dekker’s Tournament. Players have to take on the role of Aster, Winducinda and the only living child of the last great racer. As Aster participates in the deker tournament, an intriguing revelation is gradually revealed, which reveals the truth about a despotistical megacorporation conducting the tournament and its mysterious director.

Players can configure the appearance of the aster. Players will be able to choose from a wide range of body shapes, facial features, hairstyles, skin shades, accessories and even types of voice to create their own interpretation of Aster as a character.

In addition, it will be possible to configure the legendary red-white car of the Aster of the R180 of the first generation, inherited from his father, the legendary rider Yujin Aster. As you move in the deker tournament, players will face tasks requiring more specialized equipment. So, players will collect new body sets and engine parts to change the appearance and controllability of their car, and then go to the track to win the rivals in Resistor races.

Aster’s journey will begin in the northern wastelands – a sparsely populated desert, where there is a written off oil platform. The players will receive the first tasks on the platform, which will allow them to master the basics of stunt racing and explore the open world. As Aster moves around the deker tournament, new areas of the world will open in which more and more difficult technical conditions and routes for conquering will appear.

Resistor will soon appear in Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.