The Russian Role “Trouble” is released in February 2024 – a new trailer is represented



The Institute for the Development of the Internet was held at the Moscow Cinema "Art" Presentation of their flagship projects for the 2023-2024 season.

Among dozens of projects, there was a place for historical role action "Troubles" From the studio Cyberia Nova. The game is based on the novel "Yuri Miloslavsky, or Englishs in 1612".

As part of the presentation, the developers showed a new trailer, and also opened the launch window. Games output is scheduled for February 2024.

In the trailer, the authors showed the main locations that will appear in the project: a warm camp, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, the Dark Forest, the militia camp near Moscow and Moscow itself.

The locations are so normally made, but in the rest of the aspects of progress, apparently there is no, and therefore they do not show. It seems more like this is all a draft of a big game that the developers are not able to pull

The question is also, and where are people, empty locations showed

I remember the same situation with Arcania. They showed locations where there was nothing, it looked more than OK, and then they began to add AI and everything flew to the dicks of the dog. And what will be here, to imagine scary.

So the Internet is full of merged gameplay. Everything is gorgeous there. Locations are alive, full of NPCs of all different ones there. Progress in the development of large. They are able to pull all. And everything turns out quite well for now. At the moment, the troubles look very dignified in all aspects.

cut in the comments Shol? Ahah
What showed looked clumsy and wretched, at the level of the first witcher

The first witcher, even for 2007, looked very weak

Let’s hope that there will be as good as an atomic Hart.

We don’t let the drooling that it will be a game the size of a witcher \ pdr2 \ fallut 4, but a small chamber rpgeshka can come out very suitable and cheerful.

Compared at the atomic Hut, the French publisher means the budget was a decent. And here they themselves do everything.

Well, someone doesn’t need to know and play about this, and this is definitely not the game that they will run after beautiful videos from the publisher made by the developers for the publisher, first of all. The best policy now is to release in early access, open a tool for mods and quests and collect a game from pieces.

I’m not a English. And I have identified interest in playing it. But of course I don’t have great hopes

And the NPC all the Polovtsy in slavery took? Or they need another 260 million from the English budget?

This is when the Polovtsy were in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Novgorod? Tell me. Maybe I missed something when I taught history?

I did not miss anything. just higher – an unsuccessful joke

You go better than developers Star Cityizen ask for grandmothers, well, or Todd Howard.

What cultural Polovtsy, nothing burned

Phah, before the release for six months, and instead of gameplay showed snaps with panoramic views and cuts with disgusting animations, loading in each hole, it is not a shame to show this? Or the state -owned worships raised and the norms?

The gameplay has already shown, although a little, but who has at least one sighted eye, he already made conclusions.

And instead of gameplay, they showed bunks with panoramic species and cuts with disgusting animations, loading in each hole, it is not a shame to show such a thing? The gazebo is not ashamed of the Starfield, but in it all this is present

Also surprised by such an early date. But do not forget that recently, even major publishers prefer cartoons instead of gameplay to show

It’s a shame) but you can’t show it

There may be positioning on the fact that the troubles are on the state of grandmother, but there is no Starfield. Therefore, such a difference. Plus, the gazebo is made by models, in my opinion it is a huge plus, although many people think that they say they have not finished the game, so the models will finish.

In this game, trees in the wind move, unlike Starfield)) well done! I do not hope for a masterpiece, but I wish that a solid story with an adequate fighter came out.

It is clear that super hit should not be waiting, but this is their first game, if everything is more or less successful, they can then better, so I wish them good luck.

Wonderful. For alpha, very. Of course we will judge by the product all over the whole, but what I saw still not inspires small optimism.

but pulls on 1060

trailer? as for me, this is a demonstration of animated wallpaper for the desktop))))

Well, it looks good, atmospheric so. I am waiting. There are no other alternatives on ancient English themes anyway

We are waiting, let’s look at this creation

They will be postponed. You can make a way

I think the transfer will be useful. For Klim Zhukov will do not forget them so much in a century.

And the beetle Klimov there is what side?

He was invited to test the game.

You know, even if there is no gameplay there, run around historical places)) just in our entourage.. It will be cool for me.. even just check out how it looked..hypothetically))
DEVELOPHERS DIRECTIONS, do, I personally wait)

Gameplay mechanics was not shown – it is alarming.

For all the time we were shown a couple of strits that looked weak enough for the release of the game at the beginning of 24 years.

Good games have been developed for years and with millions of budgets (conditionally), and here – 250 million wooden and a couple of years of work for a masterpiece of RPG? Do not deceive yourself. In the best case, there will be a cut parody of the Mountblide.

Well, about good RPGs, they were made in a couple of three years with much smaller budgets than now, it was a long time ago, in any case, I don’t think that they should rely on AAA, you can create a masterpiece with a weak graphone, the main gameplay and optimization

And than 250 million is not a police budget? Or it was necessary 251 million?

With budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars, 250 wooden ones – this is only a beer to order. Actually such a game will turn out.

So they spend hundreds of millions of dollars not because development costs hundreds of millions of dollars.
They are much more expensive to rent an office, advertising places, equipment maintenance, a higher salary fund because housing and medicine for employees are much more expensive.

They just chose to work in countries with a wild overprase themselves.

Cross your fingers a little for our manufacturer. People, only without Osiralov .So far😂

Isn’t it too early? maybe it is better to transfer to a year?

and action actually?)

Well, yes. The game that is sealing for 1.The 5th will be a masterpiece. We believe.

Well, good luck to them. It seems really interesting will be.

Nature does not look bad, it is empty only, and this is bad.

Gorgeous. I will be happy to cut it off. Of course, right now they will write comments like where people and so on, but without it in any way. It is better for our consumer not to show anything. There is a saying, go.OTU is not shown half the work

I still don’t understand what kind of game is this. Adventure rails, or RPG sandbox with the open world? What will be game mechanics, will there be a progression system. The developers themselves at least understand what it is? Or they just rivet a set of beautiful locations. I will be glad to make mistakes in Bsha.

You rolled your lip to the lip, hard workers. The network has long been draining the band and looked like a game in it like a typical fake from VK Plai. And judging by the date of the release, then everything is plus – the minus will remain. This is not a killer of even the first witcher, not to mention something more. There is, of course, there is a particle of the soul in this, but. Setting the only thing is why it is worth trying it.

I think you are right, of course they draw from the heart, but according to your screens, I do not need to see in the movement that the fighting will be **.

who else reads from the cover of vanity and not unrest?😂

Beautiful, but it is clear that the game is still at the stage of study, since it is strange to see a conflagration without smoke. And yes, it will be very interesting to look at the game in terms of historicity. At least about wooden chimneys, I did not hear. heh.

And by figure about the absence of what smoke and other nonsense there. The main thing is that the game has an interesting storyline and atmosphere of those times👍 The game is clearly not created for underdeveloped shkololo with their Fortinite🤣

Well, the locations look quite interesting, at least from what they showed. There are no non-inscriptions, apparently there are still some problems with them, I think the animation is rather wooden. In general, let’s see what will happen, I do not share toxic skepticism, it will come out, then let’s see, but something seems to me that they will be postponed

My favorite The Elder Scrolls Skyrim recalled. Only the atmosphere of ancient Rus’, paganism, music against the background, suggests that this is our native. What I saw looks very beautiful and atmospheric.

Another track project from our developers.

Judging by the trailer, the game is a video excursion in ancient English cities. There is not enough offshore voice of Khabensky. Or Bezrukova with his birches. We are waiting in the new trailer the Stolki City Kyiv))

Let’s hope that after the release it will be completed to the end.

The environment looks good. That’s when they show a normal (real) gameplay with the main Mikhaniks, then it will already be possible to say that the game will be.

OST reminds me of the game by Alyosha Popopvich, Kayf

And in what vein will the game be? I never understood something. This is Slavic fantasy ala witama. Or Slavic Assassin or Kingd Kama Delverns or RDR2 or Slavic Tsusimets or Simulator, survive and do not die from diarrhea today, be eaten by wolves tomorrow?

What are you, do not watch the diaries of the developer? Already explained a hundred times.

Especially for you information from the game site:

"We are developing a historical Action RPG dedicated to the events of the Time of Troubles.

The literary foundation is one of the first adventure novels in UK, the historical book of Mikhail Zagoskin “Yuri Miloslavsky, or Englishs in 1612”.

The protagonist of this adventure, the boyar Yuri Miloslavsky, takes part in the collection of the Nizhny Novgorod militia, and in the battle for Moscow, and in other, no less important, historical events of the Time of Troubles. Miloslavsky step by step corrects the mistakes of his past, and as a result – contributes to the cessation of the Troubles and the unification of Moscow Rus’."