Valve continues to work on improvements to Half-Life: one of the most noticeable bugs has been corrected in the game



The 25th anniversary of the Half-Life series gave Valve to improve the first part of the cult series. However, in order for the small, but noticeable, mistake of the quarter-long ago, it took three hotfixs of the anniversary update of Half-Life.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the HL exit began with a flurry of shares, within which players could get the game for free before the end of the past weekend. In addition to this, the developers released a huge update full of corrections (and nostalgia, since, among other things, cult animation was restored when the game was launched from Valve) and news.

However, the work on the updates did not end and after it two more hotfixes were released. They restored compatibility with most original mods created on GoldSRC (a modified Quake engine on which Half-Life was built).

The last patch, dated November 22, also made small changes compared to the anniversary update, but rather noticeable. Since the release of the game, the players complained about broken animation, which ruined the memorable scene from Half-Life. To avoid a large number of spoilers, you can simply say that we are talking about a giant alien, a propeller from the sixth chapter of the game, who did not get along with the scientist – including in terms of animation.

No further than last week, fans complained that the anniversary update did not remove this graphic bug. Apparently, someone from Valve looked into the topic on Reddit, because in a short list of changes in yesterday’s update there is a correction of this particular glitch. Users confirmed that such a change was really done.

Of course, this is a trifle compared to what players received last week. Both the anniversary patch and subsequent hotfixes pleased fans, adding compatibility with Steam Deck, a handful of forgotten content and dozens of corrections.

In addition, four completely new cards were added to the game, on which, as the players were half-joking, a lot of noisily celebrated, a lot "Troke". Of course, the assumptions about "Repeated" confirmation of Half -Life 3, which, as usual, have no grounds – there are no signs that Valve was cured of allergies to "3" In the names of your games.

However, it is difficult to deny that the company greatly surprised fans. Many did not expect such a big update for an old HL, not to mention the fact that it was to significantly supplement it with hotfixes. Therefore, you can understand why this revived the hopes of Half-Life fans to return Gordon Freeman.