Playing without a donat in Overwatch 2 since the release, only now they can afford one legendary skin



Overwatch 2 fans were never particularly pleased with the prices of cosmetics in the game store, and some noticed that those who did not finish and farm coins every day, since the release of the game 8 months later, only now they can afford to buy one legendary skin.

Overwatch 2 is a conditionally deposit game since its launch in October, unlike its predecessor, which was a one-time purchase and offered optional lobboxes through microtransaction. Although the status of the game as Free-to-Play undoubtedly attracted many new players in Overwatch 2 since the game release, some of the most significant complaints about the sequel criticize the prices of cosmetics in the game store. Many of the available legendary sets cost up to 2000 coins, or about $ 20 in real money. Although in the original Overwatch, Lutboxes could be obtained for free, their absence in the sequel leaves fans of few opportunities to receive skins, except just pay.

Since the output of Overwatch 2, a small number of coins could be obtained free of charge using weekly tasks, however, the amounts earned in this way are extremely small. So that the players found that those who relies on this method of obtaining coins can only now be able to collect enough to buy one legendary skin in the game store if they completed all weekly tasks from the moment the game is launched – as much as eight months after its release. This rather unexpected message was shared by the user of Proto_vi on Twitter, and shortly after that it attracted the attention of the community in social networks.

Prices for skins in Overwatch 2 constantly cause complaints from the moment the game is released, although Blizzard has done little in order to reduce these prices or make cosmetics more affordable for players in other ways. Fans have long been offering developers their options for how to make weekly tasks more useful, because the collection of skins was the most important part of the original Overwatch in the eyes of many players. Although loans offered in recent military passes have become a little step forward, players still earn skins much more slowly than in the original game.