“Todd Howard is Elon Musk in the game industry,” says Starfield music composer



Inon Tsur – a world -famous music composer for films, television programs and computer games. He is known for working on games such as Dragon Age, Fallout, Prince of Persia, Syberia or Baldur’s Gate, currently creates the soundtrack for the long -awaited Starfield. He was recently interviewed and asked about the long -awaited role -playing game Bethesda.

Although the CUR could not reveal too much, since it is connected by the condition of confidentiality, he did not hide his delight about this game. The composer, who has been working on the soundtrack for Starfield for seven years, assured that he is especially calm for a high level of music in the game.

After 7 years of work on Starfield, believe me, I feel the same as you, because we are also very excited and are in a state of anticipation. Of course, I still can’t talk about the game too much, but I can say that I am very sure of the level of music that we created. I speak "We", Because this is a joint work – mine and Mark Lampert and Todd Howard. Tonight, by the way, I had a meeting with Todd about Starfield. Production is still ongoing!

Since the composer worked with Howard for many years, he was asked what he was thinking about the legendary designer and producer of computer games. It is interesting that the CUR compared his colleague with. Ilon Mask. However, this is not about causing disputes, but that, like the owner of Tesla, he is a ram. To the question: "As for working with Todd Howard – how would you describe it?", He answered the following:

I consider it a genius. He is always a few steps ahead of mankind, like Elon Musk in the game world. Only he was Ilon Mask long before Elon Musk became Ilon Mask. And – what is interesting – they both know each other.

By the way, it’s hard to disagree with the words of the tsura. Todd Howard has been struck by its unusual work for several decades for several decades. It is enough to recall that his work includes series such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. IGN, in turn, included it in the list of 100 best computer games developers of all time.