The authors of Company of Heroes 3 shared plans to support the game



In connection with the recent layoffs of the developers of the Company of Heroes 3, the team issued a statement that describes further steps to develop the game. Today’s message confirms that Relic and Sega are still completely committed to support for Company of Heroes 3 both on a PC and on console platforms, despite the recognition of those areas where the game does not live up to the expectations of both players and developers.

Exit Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition is scheduled for today, which can lead to the influx of new players to the community. The growing, supporting and hospitable community is considered necessary for the long -term existence of the game.

In addition, on June 6, it is planned to exit the BRASS Leopard update for PC (1.1.5). This update promises a new 3VS3 cooperative map, changes in gameplay, improving sound quality and tools for creating mods, as well as correcting many errors. Review and notes to the patch will be presented closer to the exit of the update.

Following the Bras Leopard Update for the Emerald Bear PC (1.2.0) is at the stage of alpha version, and its exit is scheduled for July. In connection with the advanced stage of development, the priorities of this update cannot be changed; However, now the subsequent updates are reassessing. More information about the content of this patch will be provided upon completion of the final testing.

In response to community reviews, the team decided to exclude the word "Operation" From the names of updates to avoid confusion regarding their size or scale.

In the future, the team undertakes to conduct more regular correspondence, informing players about the latest events. Starting from June 9, once every two weeks will leave "Wended reports", In which the latest game news will be collected, exceptional content of players, answers to frequently asked questions are presented, and the opinions of developers will also be given sometimes the opinions of the developers. In addition, from June 15, direct broadcasts on which show, game sessions and sessions of questions and answers with a team of developers will be shown once every two weeks.

The team is looking forward to players’ reviews about future updates, demonstrations, shows "before after" and transfers-broadcasts from BRASS Leopard, intending to offer more such previews, based on the reactions of players.

Looking into the future, the team seeks to strengthen trust with players and community, and as part of this obligation, they revise all game priorities that have not yet been set for the June and July updates. A roadmap of development priorities is currently adapting to illustrate the upcoming content, as well as possible changes and reviews.

Among those that are now being considered – additional multiplayer maps, replaying function, voting option for delivery, further balance updates, plans to create additional content and the possibility of integrating into the game of cards created by the community.

The team also develops a long -term roadmap with a description of the planned content and exit terms, which should be published shortly after the July update 1.2.0 for PC.

Although this message does not solve all community problems, the team assures that its desire to improve the experience of all Company of Heroes 3 players remains unchanged. The team expresses gratitude for the constant support and invites the players to accept new console fans to the community, as well as expect the upcoming update for the next week for PC Brass Leopard.