Cozy Simulator of the Station To Station railway was acquired by demo



Prismatika and Galaxy Grove today announce that the demo version of attracting attention, a relaxing minimalist simulator of the Station To Station railway, has become available for loading in Steam before full release at the end of this year.

The demo version shows only a small idea of ​​what will be available in the full version of the game. Players will put on their conductive hats, and then relax and transform a small rural area using train magic. Placing and connecting railway stations, players will contribute to growth and expansion, reviving a calm world with the constantly expanding tapestry flora and fauna, which leads to a beautiful magnificent bio with stateslor graphics.

The demo version presents the first three levels of the gameplay, two unique trains and a healthy portion of an impeccably relaxing atmosphere. A complete list of functions available in demo version is as follows:

  • Immersive dose of relaxation: the players will have the opportunity to relax and relieve stress in a cozy and soothing environment with a station art developed to calm feelings thanks to their soft aesthetics and a relaxing, adaptive soundtrack.
  • Three levels: Demo-version offers an exciting pre-viewing of the first three levels of gameplay.
  • The experience of one bioma: players will have the opportunity to explore one of three unique biomes in demo version.
  • The choice of locomotives: two unique locomotive are presented in the demo, and there will be more models in the full game.
  • Introduction to cards: Demo-version serves as a brief introduction to the card system, which gives players advantages and opportunities to expand their railway network.
  • Additional tasks: at the second and third level there are two additional tasks for those conductors who are looking for additional tasks.
  • A variety of industries: Five unique types of industries are presented in demo versions, each of which offers its unique buildings and resources.
  • When starting a demo version, only English will be maintained, and additional languages ​​will be added in the coming days.

Station To Station will be released on a PC later this year and is now available to add wishes to Steam.