Phil Spencer discussed the possibility of reviving his favorite franchises



Today, as part of the episode of Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft Gaming Director General Spencer, the possibility of reviving some old Activision Blizzard franchises and other Xbox studios.

During the podcast, Spencer noted that if you take into account the Activision, Blizzard, Bethesda and Xbox studio, the number of franchises that are now in the Microsoft portfolio, "to some extent inspires", But at the same time, it scares.

He believes that the company should be "excellent keeper" this content, because he is a memory for people, and he wants to be sure that when Microsoft returns to something, she does it with full return-a motivated team that wants to work on something and change something.

He does not want it to be something, created solely for the sake of financial benefit or PR promotion, which will not be realized later.

I’m going to start with the teams, with what they are passionate about. That is why I am happy to visit these places. And then we will look at it. I think we did well on Xbox. I do not think that we did the work of five with a plus, considering our franchises and revising them. I think that with Game Pass we have the opportunity to choose a couple of franchises every year and almost do something like A Revisited – I just came up with this term, so this is not a brand.

Spencer believes that, looking at all the franchises that Microsoft now controls, there is an opportunity to go back, even if it is simple "The recognition of the moment and the fact that these things meant in the history of the games, and do something right with them". Make this accessible to people through Game Pass".

I think there is such an opportunity. There is no plan on this subject, but there is an opportunity. If the teams want to return and reconsider some things that we have, and to fully concentrate on them, I will only be for, because I think that there is simply an amazing storehouse of things to which we can touch again".

As an example, Spencer cited the recent Remaster Quake 2. In his opinion, it was great, because ID Software did a really good work on revising the game and giving it relevance, not forgetting about history, and he would like to see more such things.

Answering the question of whether there are franchises that he personally would like to revise, he mentioned some old Infocom or Sierra, such as Zork or King’s Quest, simply because these were moments in his game experience that really something meant.

He also noted that Blizzard has several wonderful franchises such as Starcraft, but most importantly, they should be treated with respect, and not as a method of PR.

During the same podcast, Spencer also promised parity (as far as possible) to fans of Call of Duty on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.