Despite the successful launch, for the King 2 receives many negative reviews



The game for the King 2, released on November 2, currently has "Mixed" Average score in Steam after 3752 reviews.

Despite the fact that most users of For The King 2 like, and the number of simultaneous players in the game, according to Steamcharts, is about 15,000 people on average, there are general claims among negative reviews.

The new user interface for the King 2 causes dissatisfaction of those who claim that the original game had a more intuitive design. "Checking Buffs and Debuffs in the middle of the battle – this is a nightmare. Inventory check – sucks. It is simply impossible to do anything during the move of another player", – writes one of the reviewers.

Another common complaint is the difficulty for the king 2. A reviewer with 14 hours of game says that he and his friend "They tried Journeyman (average complexity) and were completely destroyed, not reaching the first major goal". The balance of the game is a common subject of disputes: negative reviews say about unexpected and irritating leaps in complexity.

Ironoak developers took this on note and have already made changes to the balance in correction1.0.15. Among these changes – "Mitten" difficulties of students, "adjusted ratio of complexity and loot" for city quests and "Improvenly scaling complexity for parties consisting of less than 4 characters".

Users also make complaints about the performance of For the King 2, claiming that they have malfunctions, stuttering and desinghronization. To the honor of Ironoak, it actively responds to many negative reviews, promising to make corrections in the future.

More than 2,000 positive reviews indicate that in the game for the King 2 there is a lot of good. Soundtrack, fighting, new classes and an improved fighting – all this deserves praise. Many positive reviews are also a direct response to negative reviews, which states that death is "The problem of the skill" And do not expect "Victory" From the first call.