Datamainer Elden Ring excavated the alternative characters of the early game in the renamed Zamogelier



The new video of the Sekiro Dubi Dataminer is devoted to the remains of files in Elden Ring, which shows the early vision of the Zamogilya (Limgrave) which was then called Tenebrae. In it, familiar characters, such as Annil and Bladed, are replaced by newcomers or characters taken from other parts of the game. The main attention in this video is paid to Hilbert, the hybrid of Yura and the jerren witch hunter from the finished game.

Sekiro Dubi studies in Elden Ring files showed skeletal residues of the Hilbert quest line, which, in his opinion, was cut out to the Elden Ring network testing at the end of 2021. Hilbert has weapons of Jerren Witches and a set of eccentric armor, but his voice replicas are recorded by the actor of Yura, and according to the script he was supposed to hang out in the location of Yura from the finished game.

Hilbert was supposed to become a servant "God of revenge" And together with you to fight with the knight of the crucible of the Ordovis, Boss in the finished game, which in this assembly could be found where in the release version you are fighting with Darrivil and Blaidd. In the final version of the game, Vike is an invader in the middle of the game, a boss by the end of the game, but at some stage of development he had a full-fledged quest line NPC. Gilbert could also attack you as an invader if you kill members of the trio of wandering merchants, trying to avenge the relatives.

Following Hilbert, Sekiro Dubi affects various ways of changing the clouds in the development process, while its original (and inexplicable) name Tenebrae. In the real world of Tenebrae or Dark Morning – Catholics have a religious service preceding Easter Sunday. Sekiro Dubi also demonstrates how a shack on a thunderstorm hill once functioned as a secondary center for NPC acquaintances, such as Roderic, but also radically changed the situation such as Hugh.

Gilbert’s quest seemed to be planned to expand beyond the borders of Zamogilya – he shared that his double Jerren was tied to General Radan, and mentioned the hunt for a mowing in a carved dialogue. It is still unclear whether any remnants of these later stages have been preserved in the game files. It is interesting to observe how Fromsoft shuffs and guts its NPC, even throwing them away completely, and at a rather late stage, with recorded voices as in the case of Hilbert. Also how surreal to see how these familiar characters behave in such an unusual way.