Digital Foundry was delighted with how The Order: 1886 looks like PlayStation 5 at 60 FPS



Remember Illusion, for which games such as BloodBorne and Red Dead Redemption 2 worked for PS5 with a frequency of 60 FPS? So, they distinguished themselves again: this time they released a mod for PS5 on The Order 1886 with a frequency of 60 FPS, and just say that you can forget that this game was released in 2015. It looks so gorgeous.

Specialists from Digital Foundry introduced a detailed review of the game in a new video, which used shots from Illusion Fashion. Journalists emphasize that the game to this day has been perfectly preserved, and the increased frequency of personnel allowed it to give it a new dynamics.

And if you are a fan of The Order 1886 and want to look at the shooter from Ready At Dawn with finalization and polishing, be sure to watch the video below.

Given the technical restrictions of that time, it is not surprising that in The Order: 1886 works at a frequency of 30 fps. Ready At Dawn actually did a lot of work to get stable 30 fps.

Thanks to Illusion, the master of unlocking the frequency of personnel, managed to install a patch on the game that takes a 30 fps restriction, and, in combination with recent exploits for PS5, start the game with this patch on the PlayStation 5 gland with a frequency of 60 fps. It looks just fantastic: the blur effect during movement changes perfectly, and the game itself still looks cinematic, while receiving a significant increase in general smoothness.

However, in order to launch this version on your PS5, you will need firmware from 2021, and you can never connect to the network on this PlayStation – so no PSN and no multiplayer will have to live exclusively in offline.

In 2015, The Order 1886 became a visual masterpiece for PS4, and despite the fact that at that time she received not very warm reviews, it cannot be denied that from a technical point of view it was one of the most impressive games in the market. Unfortunately, despite the constant rumors, the continuation did not appear, and The Order 1886 was left without a patch for PS4 Pro or PS5, which would give it to the already impressive visual effects of modern glosses.