Insomniac spoke about creating a lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2



InSomniac Games explained on the pages of the PlayStation blog, how she worked on the creation of a lizard, one of the villains Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, against which Peter Parker and Miles Morales will fight against.

The process was long and difficult, as Jasinda Chu explained, the senior art director of the Insomniac Games:

“The first thing I always do when we study the Marvel character is checking with comics. Then we cooperate with Marvel to provide our interpretation. This may proceed from the gameplay or narrative “.

Then Chu explained the changes made to the character compared to the original:

“There is a classic character that wears trousers and a medical robe. It is less, the size of a person. He can also communicate with Peter. But our version of the lizard is more than a big and more green. In every way. He does not wear clothes and lost all traces of humanity. Therefore, he cannot communicate. This is of great importance “.

To create a lizard with the highest possible effect, Insomniac carefully studied the skin of lizards, but then she had to give in to the expectations of the public:

“In real life, their skin is especially dry. At first, many of those who saw our version of the lizard said that he was not suffering enough. Therefore, we wanted to at least partially live up to their expectations: he has a lizard, but it is much more brilliant than that of a real reptile. ”.

The lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will also have spikes, taking the model more solid and sharp in appearance of the lizards:

“As a sample for creating a character, I tried to observe the real lizards who had a slightly prehistoric look. This is because some species instead may seem pleasant and cute. I was looking for more aggressive specimens resembling snakes. In addition, we wanted the eyes of the lizard to resemble the eyes of animals. For example, cat pupils increase at night. We created such eyes for our character: when bright light gets, they seem less because they react to brightness. For a long time we studied the way to do this possible in real time on PS5 “.

The same procedure included the creation of muscles in which the PS5 hardware is widely used:

“Watching animals and actors in real life, studying how the muscles are deformed and performing simulations, we managed to introduce muscle simulation into the game. It is amazing that we have advanced so far in the development of games, but this is still a rather subtle feature: you will not always notice the difference if you do not completely turn off the simulation ”.

Finally, the lizards were animated in such a way as to force him to express primitive ferocity, but at the same time not to lose some of his essential characteristics:

“Real lizards move close to the ground, they are not very scary. In the comics, the lizards are much more vertical and two -legged. In a sense, more humane. We had to find a compromise: it is still a two-legged one, but has a curved back to keep the appearance of the lizard. His movements were created fast, but heavy. The animation team deserves praise for conveying this power, this power and such speed “.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available from October 20 exclusively on PS5.