In allods online, mysticism is expected and an increase in the variability of class builds



Friends, time came, as the roadmap predicted, the class of Mistikov has undergone some changes and in this announcement we will talk more about their processing, and about such an innovation as an increase in the variability of class buildings.


The decision to process mysticism has been brewing for a long time: the team received a lot of feedback from players who love this class. Many were interested in actualization, which influenced our choice when planning global processing as part of the upcoming update. At the moment, the Mistikov class is one of the most difficult to master, so the main task of the team was to make it more affordable and understandable players. We tried to process and simplify the rotation in order to preserve what experienced players love the class and give the opportunity to play for mystics to those who are not ready to dive into complex gaming processes with their heads.

When using the skill “Call of Fantom”, players will be able to call at once all six phantoms, and not just one at a time, as it was previously. Also, during the battle, the effect of the “voice in the head” will be accumulated, which to allow the phantoms to be called again: the number of entities called up will depend on the level of the effect.

After the changes we have made, it will become much easier to hold stress: using the skills in a certain order, players will be able to apply the maximum possible amount of damage and drop stress almost to zero to reproduce rotation again.

When working on the class this year, we removed the aspect of suppression, since it is irrelevant in the current playing meter. In this connection, the milestones were redistributed to other aspects of the class.

And a little more about the mystics: the recovery time when using some skills and milestones was reduced, new effects were also added. We hope that after the work carried out, mystic will become more relevant and easy to master the class among players.

Increasing the variability of class builds

In update 14.0 Players became available to process the aspect of protection and systems of positive and negative effects. This diversified the gameplay, but we decided not to stop there and focus on the players have the opportunity to use all the glasses of skills and milestones, as well as collect more diverse builds, so after the update the location of some milestones and skills in different classes will be changed. Below we will tell you more about the changes that have affected the Bard and the engineer, but later this year you will find changes to other classes.

We revised the skill of “march” towards a significant increase in the damage applied and a bonus to its damage from the milestone “Rechitiv”. Also, a new milestone “march march” was added for the aspect of the attack, reducing the time of restoration of the skill of “march”.

We added the opportunity to BARDU to use some of his auxiliary skills without the cost of pace as new milestones or additional effects in existing milestones. The changes also affected the skills of the “Requiem”: the work of skill was adjusted and the damage for additional purposes was increased, and the range of skill was increased.

We also corrected some old mistakes: now the character swiftness, together with the effects of “flour” and “deep wound”, works correctly for additional purposes. And the effect of the milestone “Ropsodia” under the influence of “Requiem” will also be applied to additional purposes.


This year we re -arled the damage inflicted by the engineer in the aspects of attack and support. They also untied the milestone “Acceleration of particles” from the aspect of the attack, so that engineers in the aspect of support could fully use the skills of “purging the reactor” and “ejection of mana” in rotation. Milestones of development “engineer of the highest category”, “increased energy intensity” and “closed heat exchange” now have three ranks. The bonus to damage from the milestone “Biological threat” and “Alloyed steel” was increased. The milestone of the development of the “fire line” now reduces the time of the preparation of volleys of both turrets by 10/20/30%. Fixed a mistake due to which the rate of fire of the turrets increased weaker than indicated in the description. The damage of the “reactor purging” skill will be increased by 20%, but the total damage is reduced by 12%, the time for the restoration of the turrets is also adjusted, and the damage from the “light turret” is reduced by ~ 10%, the damage of the “acid turrets” is increased by ~ 33 %.

Here is a brief list of important changes in classes that expect you in a global update 15.0. Carefully follow the news so as not to miss new announcements!