It seems that after a disastrous Redfall, the Arkane Austin team returns to the creation of single -user games



After the disappointment caused by the game Redfall, Arkane Austin, obviously, will return to solitary games, at least this follows from the vacancies published by Zenimax on behalf of the Texas team of developers.

Currently, the studio is looking for a leading technical engineer with experience with single -user role -playing games and immersive simulators: this is far from what we saw in the aforementioned Redfall, which, according to Xbox’s statements during the hearing with FTC, brought a minimum profit.

Nevertheless, work on the new game Arkane Austin began only in May, and, therefore, there will be a lot of time before we see something new, but many hope for a third part of Dishonored.

It was expected that Redfall will become one of the two exclusives that will save Xbox in 2023, but it was a real failure on many points.

Let us once again accuse the MIKs of the fact that having visited the brilliant idea to release an unnecessary cooperative shooter following the trends of modern Gamdev, the gazebo supported this idea, and the shirts gave money and said "Work".
The opinion is even more amazed that the box should be saved. On the box, approximately the same number of games comes out as on a curling iron (2 per year)

Well, there the idea did not even come to the development, but to one woodpecker in Zenimax, because of which F76, tes: blades, deathloop and all that appeared.

They are already to blame for the fact that they did not cover this mediocre hack in time.

Draglup is a top. Especially now.

By the way, here is a reference to the edfolls.

Whether you did not understand Roflis or not, but for me Deathloop is really a top. Even to Redfall.

An interesting concept with lups, which is rarely in games. From the latter here are Deathloop and Twelve Minutes, and the second one pumped the concept and in fact it came out purely kinzo, where you click somewhere to go a new series, and at the end such a turn.

And in Deathloop it turned out directly well. I especially liked the possibility of invasion of your campaign or that you yourself can break into the world of another player. At first I was directly unhappy that any person at any moment could enter and start a hunt for me, but then it is a buzz when a person comes in and he is looking for you, but you have already found him and follow him. What buzz is just to kill him from behind! Then he himself tried to play Juliana and this is just an awesome concept and excellent implementation.