Alan Wake 2 developer hopes that the alleged Remaster Red Dead RedMption will not be released in October



October this year promises to be rich in video games releases. This month is expected to exit such games as Spider-Man 2, Forza Motorsport and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. In addition, on October 17, the game Alan Wake 2 from Remedy Entertainment will be released.

Recently, there are more and more hints and rumors that Remaster Red Dead RedMption Remaster is in development. It is expected that the game’s announcement will take place in the near future, and it can replenish the growing list of expected games releasing in October.

However, the Alan Wake 2 game director does not like this idea. He recently turned to Rockstar on Twitter, asking him not to release the game in October.

Given the popularity of the Red Dead Redemption, it is not surprising that Remedy Entertainment would not want to compete with such a game in October.

A month and so full of promising releases, but Rockstar Games is able to capture all the attention of the industry. In addition, the Red Dead Redemption franchise diverged more than 70 million. copies, which indicates the popularity of this game.

On the other hand, Alan Wake 2 is also not a bast. Remedy Entertainment has great ambitions regarding this game, believing that it can be the most beautiful game of 2023. The developers focused on atmospheric Horror-Hampley, which cannot but rejoice.

Recently, they were confident in their place among the new AAA releases, now they have gone out because of the remaster of the 13th year game🤡

well, the breeds know what quality their game is, so they are worried)

Here, rather, they are not from quality, but from the fan base of the Rockstar and the Razvoy stir among the RDR remaster 1

And Rockstar of course will listen. That is how it works.

Remedy, as always, got rid of the choice of a release window, and everyone will be to blame.

There, in the fall, the Baldur’s Gate 3, the release of Starfield, the release of Mortal Kombat 1, the release of Payday 3, the release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This is half a month before the release of Alan Wake 2. What they hope for? At one time, the original failed for the same reason.

And in the same month, Detective Pikachu Returns, Forza Motorsport, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Lords of the Fallen, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros will come out. Wonder, Alone in the Dark and Total War: Pharaoh.

Nothing prevents them from moving the release for November or even the beginning of December

We will be honest, if Alan Wake II simply fades financially, then it will already be a feat for Remedy.
Controversial PR campaign, exclusive exit to EGS, a wagon of releases on more popular franchises. I don’t know what Epic Games think, releasing the game in October.

The people went up, even before the exit

We also hope that Remaster will never come out. We hope for a remake))

We are waiting for RDR in the near future on a PC!

Tyschuuu, I’m waiting for the continuation of Alan for example, and then suddenly I’ll go and take a game of absolutely different genre instead, which may not be interesting to me at all?! Of course, the logic of developers sometimes amazes, they say it is impossible to compete with two large games in one month.

Who needs to take both and will pass them quietly.

Logic is clear, RDR is a popular game, and naturally it can eventually wait for it more than some other game

This is not a new part of the series, or either a remake either Remaster, no one really knows. The 1st part is already many along and across. And given what GTA trilogy has recently been released, then this part will be taken at the start with caution. Plus Alan Vake is a specific game and her fans lickly change their minds and take a remake-repairer at the start of RDR instead. So Alan is essentially nothing to be afraid.

But the continuation of the story, and some would like to play in it .

"The 1st part is already many along and across" – many or not many but there are enough people who did not play, or according to the same logic, why were released on the PC The Last of US PC, because there are enough people too, but RDR is possible less, but RDR 2 came in and the Rock has popularity above much, the only thing that they can be like with GTA, but this is another story

The one to whom Alan did not give up and will not buy him, or then buy it but then at a discount. And who did not give up the RDR – similarly.

Therefore, let them go out in one month.

And the one who cannot decide. their problems.

And if in normal, then the competitor is only Resident Evil 4 as Horror !

In general, the Horror genre is not very popular in games because such fears (((( If only they would not brand the rubber with a clone, otherwise "Unique reviewers" 2023 can !

The fourth resident, just like the first grandfather Space never survived the horror . This is stupidly action adventura .

Remake is still darker than the original, for this to develop +

purebred horror not to say that a lot. This is offhand prohibited siren 1-2,

One in the dark new nightmare, Evil Vizing 1, Silent Hill 1

+. there was at least one screamer?

I do not understand the reasons for fear, the second Vake is exclusive outside of competition, which many have been waiting for a very long time and no other release, and even more so the remaster of the old game, it will not hurt him.

If there is really a remaster, then this year he should not wait)

"If there is really a remaster, then this year he should not wait" – Why!? Just Remaster is not so difficult to do quickly (if they want). Now, if a remake, then yes.

Go on pc . Make a gift to all gamers already🥹🙏

Let the RDR not cut a multiplayer in the RDR remaster

That everything is so bad.

Considering that Remaster was not even officially announced, God forbid by October 2024 it will come out, well, or in Remedy they know what we do not know.

Of course it will come out, because everyone needs money

No need to look for a problem where it is not. These two games are approximately in the same conditions. Potential RDR remaster, 2010 games. If it really comes out in October, then consider it completely without PR. And it is not known what qualities it will be, it can be such as the GTA of Triloja. On the other hand, the sequel of another game of 2010 sucked out of the finger. Far from the most popular by the way and in 2010. It is now possible to judge her popularity by her recent remister. Who, even despite the spent pennies for its creation, could not even recapture them. And again, it is not known what quality the sequel will be. Plus apparently it will not be particularly similar to the original. Hence all this curtsy towards modern trends and the resident of the Ivl. To leave at least something.

Therefore, I repeat once again: you do not need to lick those who do not deserve it. I would be better afraid of new games in their place. Especially such monsters as a new person spider and assassin. They will simply crush Alan Vake. And it’s not even as a game, but in its popularity. It is only worth mentioning a banal example from titanfol 2. "Genius" They decided to release the game between Baterfield and Cal of Duty from EA. What came of it we all know perfectly. And even the high quality of the titanphone 2 did not help her then. Therefore, in the end, it may turn out that no one needs a remaster of the RDR (except for PC-shniks of course), nor the new Alan Vake. Just because everyone will play a new assassin. The target audience will not buy everything in a row, they are not billionaires.