Updated images s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 with the new HUD appeared in Epic Games Store



Some gamers attentive to details noticed that the page s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl in Epic Games Store was slightly changed and now a new version of old screenshots with an updated user interface and slightly brighter colors are presented there.

You can find these "New" Images are lower, and you will find old versions at the very bottom under the spoiler, although changes in HUD are not in themselves special improvements. But the time of appearance is intriguing – very close to the presentation of the Xbox Developer_Direct, appointed at 10 pm in Moscow time on Thursday January 18.

The idea is that, as in the case of Perfect Dark, these two things are connected, and therefore important news about s may appear during the event.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, such as the new trailer and the release date of the GSC Game World shooter, given that the game will be available at the start via Game Pass and as a temporary exclusive for Xbox Series X | S.

Indeed, at the end of November last year, the General Director of the GSC Game World Evgeny Bazarov confirmed the release date of.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, which should finally fall into the hands of gamers in the first quarter of this year.

In this sense, of course, it is time to name the exact date of the release, and Xbox Developer_Direct, of course, is an ideal showcase for the announcement of this scale. At the moment, we know exactly that the event will be presented by AVOWED, ARA: History Untold, Hellblade 2 and the game about the Indiana Jones from Machine Games.

Old screenshots for comparison:

Again, lean pictures, everyone has already seen the level of graphics in the trailer)

This was like a gameplay in the engine, caught a steep stop frame, turned on a patch-tracing, waited for processing and took a picture?

This was a kind of worked in FS. Like their first vidos, who had little in common with the real count, who did not even do.

So FS is a regular post -processing, you can even make it a solution.

And? Why is your original question about reverished pictures in general? I conditionally brought you as an example to the FS, and if you did not understand the essence of my coma, then alas, you have no desire to chew. Turn on your head and think why you wrote just like that

Well, I’m trying to understand the illiterate person (you)

Screenshots are clearly not gaming, and this is very noticeable in processing

marketing, they should attract

I will not buy the game fundamentally. Otherwise we all know where they will send money from revenue.

We download her from the torrent ! Why buy ?

Many will not pull her from the markete.

I don’t understand why touch it at all? I will not even download it from a torrent, after their statements. Especially my favorite about good English.

Ukrainian developers will send money from the Ukrainian game to the Ukrainian army to protect Ukrainian territory. From the outside everything is quite logical.

That’s exactly, no purchase! These developers are blocked by Roskomnadzor and therefore bypass and purchase of the game can be considered sponsoring terrorism, so only torrent along with the future English voice acting.

Hastily a focused artist to screenshots from a distressed trailer. Developers from God.

Well, at least they can use photoshop. At the children’s level, but still. You look, and the game in Photoshop will launch.

No need to give them ideas.

How Skyrim Grounded Grigorovich.
Screenshots, by the way, seems to be the same, ancient, only with an interface imposed.

Not "Seems like", And they are, this is elementary in Photoshop by the application of one picture to another with 50% filling, as well as raising a half -sent image higher – it is clear that weapons, characters, buildings and trees in the same place, and the interface (obviously grazed pys ) differs

Sori, it is interesting to understand, but I did not understand your explanation) you can PLZ as for a moron to retell?)

The screen on top – I put game screenshots on each other with a slight displacement vertically, "game" Screenshot with a new thin – higher and with a transparency of 50%. If you look closely, it is clear that the mill, trees, weapons, characters in the translucent picture, which is higher in the same places as in the picture below, is enough to mentally draw a vertical line between the compared objects to understand this (this is still about The first screen). A peculiar effect of stunning was obtained when the picture is double.
Screenshot from below – I just put it in a stupid "new" screenshot on the old one, also made it translucent. What can be seen – everything converges in general, but not thin.
It’s just the essence that in the game according to the stalker type (how it is described to us) it is extremely difficult to make exactly the same screenshots even in katsen – you can take the same weapon, forcibly configure the weather, lighting, the surrounding characters, the rotation of the same mill, but all kinds of all kinds of Small animations like the movement of grass and branches from the wind and the fall of all leaves cannot be made in the game completely repeated, t.To. These are microprocesses separate from Katsets, which can start a little later or a little earlier, in a word, when compared, they will not match
But you can configure repeatability in a 3D video Render or a static picture)
In general, all this is just stupidly Render with different thin and slightly altered color correction, t.To. The screenshots have a significant difference in time, and the difference between them (not paying attention to the one) is zero

Thanks for clarifying.

Heating before the next transfer? Really already some kind. The game was supposed to be released in 2022, and they update screenshots in 2024! Phahaha

In general, the announcement was in 2018, and the initial release in 2021. Goy is still waiting

Resembles mobile jerks, it is also customary there instead of real screenshots to show the blossomers.