Alan Wake 2 gamedector stated that the idea with two protagonists existed before the development of a concept



Alan Wake 2 is released at the end of this month, and Remedy Entertainment calls it the largest project. In addition to more open spaces and the duration of the game exceeding 20 hours, the game also has two main characters – the author who is going through the best of times, Alan Wake and the newcomer Saga Anderson, a specialist of the FBI, who arrived in Bright Falls for the investigation of a series of murders.

Given how long Alan Wake 2 is being developed when the idea of ​​two main characters first arose? Since the game is divided approximately 50/50 between the units of Wash and Anderson, how difficult it was to ensure that they were unique and at the same time constitute a single story? Journalists talked with the director of the game Kyle Rowley to find out more.

The idea of ​​two playable characters arose even before we began to develop the concept of the game. It was a very high -level narrative idea from Sam, even during the time of work on Quantum Break. We had no idea how to work, what would be the structure of the game, but we knew that we wanted to do it. We tried (and could not) make several protagonists in our previous games.

The saga also helps new players who are not familiar with the events of the first game.

Now, 13 years after the release of the first game, we believe that the saga acts as a very important character for players who did not play the first game. At the beginning of the game, she does not know anything about the events of Alan Wake 1, therefore, learning what happened and revealing this supernatural secret, the players go this way with her.

As for the problems associated with the fact that each character should be different, Rowley said:

It was important for us that the gameplay of two different characters was familiar when switching, so that there was no feeling that each time we have to learn to play a new game, but at the same time we wanted each of them to feel unique. In general, we have the same control elements, the same concepts of a high level, but their situations and individual roles in the plot give each mechanics their context.

Alan Wake 2 is released on October 27 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC in Epic Games Store.