According to Crytek, a “excellent team” is working on Crysis 4



More than two years have passed since Crytek announced the development of a new Crysis game. Earlier this year, the team said that it is hiring more developers for the project, but outside this it was quite quiet.

In an interview with MP1ST, David Fififield, General Director of the Studio, provided a very brief information about the project.

Crysis 4 is in development, and an excellent team is working on the project! We will tell you all the details as soon as they appear.

Perhaps two years have passed since the announcement of the development, but this is a little, especially for the game, which many consider to be important. Not to mention all the technological achievements that we have received since Crysis 3 more than ten years ago.

Graphonia should be uhhh, otherwise why a new part is nanopas are ready.

There will be such graphony that even today’s tops will fly to hell. And if you also cut the rays, then uuuuh. Game for real nanopasans who play only on ultras!

The 1060 lovers clan will begin to whine again that the game with terrible optimization, because their stump in the face of 1060 did not pull the next game)

You’ve drove an optimism. XD)

Tokma personally, I did not hear that the modern version of the Kukurezhin, which was created for Full HD, would be developed. So with your assumptions about optimizon, you are probably not far from the truth. )))

Yeah, it is open only on RTX 9090TI, not earlier. In the meantime, 30 FPS on Low (on the tops currently at that time). And wi-yai graphone I did not wait

Sruteck always managed to make a wow graph. This time they don’t let them down.

It is good if it is at the level of at least the first three … otherwise the mesh shaders and a bunch of post -cutting will get. And the graphon will be like in 2013

You once heard this? We do not know who we got into the team, just a terrible team, we can’t do anything, no matter how we try all through the p ** do.Wait, the release !

Yeah. Heard. WITH "Andromeda"))))
Ea herself ordered the dead biothens to collect "Different" team. You are not for specialists in codin, animations, sound and design. A "Different" – gays, lezbuhs, coprofiles, feminists and femoenists, ardent activists of minority steps and so on. All this was called Biovar Montreal and went to knead feces)))
And then the main bovary’s offices on them all fell on them, that they were to blame for the chatter. Like inexperienced ones, they did not know what they took for and so on.
Like they did not give Bivar Edmonton (those who made the main trilogy) to get a job and they did not even ask for help from them.
Although the central office of the bio men is this "Montreal" and created)))) on the installation of EA)) And then they quickly transferred all the arrows that these upstarts ruined everything and non -letters of the series veterans to work on the project))) As a result, Edmonton worked on "Inquisition", which is not their path at all, they are in mass effect. And Dragon Aije was engaged in Bivar Vancouver and Ottawa.
Experience is not important. The main thing is to be different. White, black, gray-brown-raspberry with extension and so on.

As Grafuni was surprised in 2013 in the game, so since that time he is at the same level where he is.)

In 2007, he went out, but the majority was able to play maximals normally in 2013, for sure, when the computers were able to pull this masterpiece of 60 FPS in FHD on ultras

The game does not know how to multi -flowers, so the drawdings in the first part will be at any settings. It is better to seek remaster, there is no such optimization there, but modern iron squeezes better performing a performance than in Origa

2013 – Crysis 3 exit year. Screen from there with psycho without a suit.

So the revolution on the schedule and the computers burned in 1 part. With the 3rd part of such a hype was no longer

We wait. We do not believe in words. )

Wow, my MSI 8800GT was puffed on medium settings in the 1st part how it came out)))

You won’t believe it, I was the first to go on the Radeon X850 XT, at the lowest settings)))))

Chivo? I played in my 8800GT at the average high in HD, you can confuse 7800GTX?

This is still oily, I generally had a Radeon X550 with 256 MB of memory, RAM 1 GIG and ancient 4 stump. And then on minamals managed to go in the far 2008. True, I had to go in a style of style so as not to aggravate and so low fps running and rash-rushs.

Yeah, and the graphon and optimization even on minimum wagons was good! )

Hmm, it began to praise before the release. Badly.

Name at least one product where there is no similar? Something you were directly coated, when it was also with "domestic" atomic dick, and then look! It’s bad that the praise before the release began. Ah-yai-yai))

It’s not in "Any product", And the fact that recently this technique has become a marker of what was trying to deceive. In games, this is not so strongly visible, but in the cinema, for example, throughout the head.

"Still is in development, and an excellent team is working on it!" part that does not inspire confidence

Unfortunately, the game will be about a deep plot and gameplay worked out to the smallest detail, and not about the graphone.

Krut, guys from Kravek make a new benchmark😁

This time, the mining station is chopped to the block?) and a barrel of nitrogen on a chip?)

Well, the time has come, the Kraisis should be atmospheric, beautiful and with an interesting storyline. I also hope you will not crap and know what we all need. Here are a little nostalgia for you:

SPOSOLIA killer 4: Return.

Now they make games with 2015 graphics and system requirements from 2030

I hope the graphics will be norms

Nanoposans are waiting for graphony

Different from Kravek

They need to try with the current modernity

I feel that regardless of which PC today, it will need to be updated, for this game, t.To. Crysis is graphone.

Game that is Dintin to buy it .

Because of which? That there was such a good trilogy in addition to the graphone?

There are few minuses. I thought it would be more.

In the first – Pts Cool Gpley, if you do not touch the broken masking, which has not been worked out at all.

I hope that Crysis 4 will add multiplayer. It is bad that in a remasted Crysis trilogy, multiplayer and Warhead were cut.

It is enough to put MSI Kombustor in which the engine from Crytek is used. Here on what settings the system will be able to work in the test, on these you will play Crysis 4

The team of beginners who will make the game even worse than the third part, even taking into account the fact that EA will no longer cover Crytek?

After the level of graphics that the first Crysis set at one time, people have too much expectations from the new part, but if they manage to repeat the similar, so that the performance of several future generations of video cards is hardly enough for a more less comfortable FPS, this will be really interesting.

Do not worry, they will bring feces optimization – and you will play normally only at 7080 Ti.

A "Excellent" she is that there is not a coder then "Sveters of Gamera"? That there is work experience 100500 years? What is poking with one hand, the other military instructors invites and learns to act correctly in various conditions?
That the sound engineer in the garbage dumps rummages selecting the rubbish of the desired degree of all -gratitude, since it will give a better sound for a given object?
(Yes yes yes repullic comando, I will praise it about you))))

Or she "Excellent", because according to the testaments of EA – "different"?
I mean. The experience of Kodinya is unimportant, it is important that there are nigers, lezbukhs, blms, feminists and femoenists, compromophiles, gays, zoophiles, mamkins, transgender people, and so on.
This is the same "Excellent" team. It differs from those that others have! No one will collect such a UG to work on such a responsible game.