For Kerbal Space Program 2, a major update was released with many new functions and improvements



Private Division and Intercept Games has released the largest update to date for the popular Simulator of the Kerbal Space Program 2 Cosmos. The update is called “for science!”And contains many new functions and improvements that bring the gameplay to a new level.

The highlight of the update is an unlocked research tree that allows players to control and expand their technological progress. This aspect deepens the strategic element of the game and offers more control over the development of its space programs.

Another main feature of the update is the new research regime. In this mode, players can progress and expand their scientific collection, performing mission. This adds an additional level of complexity and involvement, since the success of each mission directly contributes to progress in the game.

The introduction of the campaign conducts players through the Kerbol system, the solar system of the game, providing a structured and targeted gameplay process. This is especially useful for new players who want to get acquainted with the basics of the game.

The update also offers new parts of the scientific collection and a new interface to organize your collection. These innovations increase the pleasure of collecting and research and provide the best overview of the progress achieved.

An important technical improvement is the effect of heating with repeated entrance to the atmosphere and the temperature-dependent behavior of game components. These realistic elements increase immersion and complicate the game, since now players have to take into account the thermal aspects of their spacecraft.

The update is supplemented by numerous improvements in the gameplay, which make the game more smooth and pleasant. These improvements include, among other things, the optimization of the user interface and gameplay.