New Patch for Battlefield 2042 will bring serious non -engineer for an engineer



Developers from Dice studio held another podcast tonight, in which they discussed the nearest update for Battlefield 2042. Representatives of the team noted that they continue to carefully monitor the reviews of the players, so they plan to release a new patch for the game in early December. Update 6.2 will bring serious nerves for one of the classes to Battlefield 2042, but this is necessary to create the correct balance of the gameplay process.

In the upcoming patch, the developers decided to weaken the engineer Lis, who was too powerful in the last season and negatively affected new vehicles recently added to the game. The changes in this class of the engineer are designed to concentrate the character for ground purposes and reduce its advantage in the airspace. Now the heroine will be strong only against specific vehicles, leaving a place for other characters of this class.

Dice developers also tried to explain why they could not transfer vehicles from Battlefield Portal to the All-out Warfare (AW) mode.

Why is there a weapon from Portal, and vehicles do not? What can we answer to this? I think that Portal weapons are definitely easier to transfer to All-out Warfare. There are fewer differences, although we had to make some changes to the management. But to transfer the vehicle is already a more difficult task. We talked a lot about this, for example, about what we must bring? I think it should play a certain role in the All-out Warfare Register. So there are certain cars, for example, Warthog that could really show off. So we don’t mind. Just the question is how this will be combined with other capabilities. The team will have to do a huge job to transfer them and then make the necessary changes. This is not just copying-station. No, I would like it to be so. So, summing up: this is not just copying, but a lot of work to make sure that they fit into the current gaming process BF2042.

During the conversation of the developers, it became known that official notes for a patch should appear this Friday – December 1. The patch itself is planned for the release for December 5 for PC and consoles.