DLC for Total War Warhammer 3 caused a negative reaction of the community due to the high price



DLC Total Warhammer 3 Shadows of Change causes a split in the game community: many players, YouTube users and even the former Warhammer producer from Games Workshop express their opinion about the expansion price. DLC adds three new Lords to a large -scale strategic game and its epic regime of the campaign "Immortal empires", But for many, the update Total War Warhammer 3 turned out to be too expensive.

Total War Warhammer 3 Shadows of Change is released on August 31, 2023., Its price is $ 24.99. Thus, its cost is about 40% of the price of the base game. This corresponds to the cost of the recent DLC Chaos Dwarfs, but this set represents a completely new race and is much richer on content.

For comparison, the previous additions included Champions of Chaos, which added four playable lords and cost $ 15.99. In the previous two games of the series, lords usually included a couple of paid lords (the price of the first game was $ 8.99.

This change in prices caused a violent reaction to Discord and Reddit. Several topics that gained the largest number of votes this week directly concern this topic, others joke about the current situation. One of the commentators simply said: "I buy DLC for $ 30 without problems if it offers content worth $ 30. Content in this DLC cannot cost more than 15.99 dollars.". Although the discussions about cost are always not easy, it is easy to understand why the players will be unhappy with how the price of this last set has sharply increased, without a clear explanation of the reasons.

Famous YouTuber on Total War Warhammer 3 "Loremaster of Sotek" joined the discussion by simply writing on Twitter: "What is this price for Shadows of Change, for the sake of the whole saint?"

Being one of the most noticeable representatives of the community with more than 70,000 subscribers on his Warhammer Fantasy channel, he hastened to express in his video that "A little concerned about the prohibitive price on the DLC, not to mention some things, which, in my opinion, are not enough".

Another large Total War content creator on YouTube under the nickname "Milkandcookestw" expresses his opinion. "What we are talking about now is a 150%increase in price for, possibly, a 30-50%increase in content compared to previous ENT packs", – They say in a video dedicated to a dispute, adding that this can even be considered a generous assessment. They note: "In the context of previous launches, I feel that the value supply for this price simply does not correspond to reality".

He also noted that, having learned about the price, the next message was sent to the Creative Assembly developer: "I am not aware of the cost of production or CA supplies, but I can say with confidence: "Hmm, this price does not really correspond to the presented content". And in this case, I do not think that the price of $ 25 is justified for Shadows of Change, no matter how funny it is."

The cost was not easy even for those who are closely related to the franchise. Andy Law, a former designer and producer of the desktop role -playing game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, discussed his thoughts about DLC on YouTube live. Along with the work on the basic rules, Law also created witches for the second edition of WFRP, so the appearance of Mother Ostenkia causes him special interest.

Low as a whole is very positive about the implementation of the Kislevite witches in Total War, admiring the inclusion in the game "specially developed component of near -combat", as well as the use of the Mother with the remaining ingredients to gain strength from perfume, which can be used for good deeds or curses. However, when it comes to the price of additions, he stops himself.

"I am not going to express my opinion about the price of DLC, because I myself am going to purchase it, and I am already mating", – He notices. "I carefully studied what you get for this money, and although I like everything until the last grain, I can’t say that I like the price that they ask to pay for it".

It seems that the Total War Warhammer 3 community is generally unanimous in this matter. Most players are unhappy with the proposed content for such a high price.