Today is DLC Kansas for American Truck Simulator



Get ready to start the engines and go on an exciting trip: today Kansas additions for American Truck Simulator come out. Explore breathtaking landscapes and bright cities in this last addition!

DLC Kansas for American Truck Simulator will be released today at 21:15 in Moscow!

Start a big adventure with the expansion of the Kansas card. Take your time and enjoy every moment, discovering these functions for yourself:

  • Deliver goods to 14 cities, including Kanzas City, Wichito and Topik
  • See several unique attractions of Kansas, such as historical Dodge City, Rocks-Monuments and Mount Sunflower
  • Become a trucker transporting goods for key sectors of Kansas – salt mine, food factory, automobile plant, building materials factory and batteries factory
  • Delive up goods to Aerosystem, playing a key role in the aerospace industry of Wichito
  • Visit Khatchinson and admire the world’s largest silos in the world
  • Play a decisive role in one of the largest agricultural states in America. Transport goods that support Kansas’s farm
  • Enjoy cargo transportation in several picturesque cities (villages)
  • Pass through vast prairies, from where unforgettable views open

From the agricultural state, Kansas turned into a noisy industrial center, attracting large enterprises with its strategic location and well -organized logistics.

Truckers can contribute to various industries: from prosperous aircraft and agricultural warehouses to automotive, famous salt mines and much more.

Kansas addition is also part of The Great Plains Calling! In Steam. This is a convenient way to fill in the gaps in your DLC collection for American Truck Simulator. Immerse yourself in a variety of landscapes of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and now Kansas.

This package acts on the principle of “complete the set”, guaranteeing that you pay only for those DLCs that are not yet in your library!

Cruise on Kansas

Starting with the release, a special event will be held #Cruingkansas World of Trucks, where you can earn unique awards. The purpose of the community is to drive 125,000,000 miles (201 168,000 km) and deliver cargo to any city of Kansas or from it. Read more about this event in this news.

Developers also have a unique gift for players. If you take on any work on the external contract or the external market in or from the city of Topik, you will get a plush tiger salamandra, which can be used as an accessory for the cabin. Kansas is a home for the salamander, so you should definitely think about inviting one of them to accompany you during long trips.

DLC Farm Machinery

Along with DLC Kansas, DLC Farm Machinery also comes out. This DLC provides a unique opportunity to plunge into the agricultural landscape, especially in the recently added Kanzas, where agriculture occupies a central place. Transport everything – from tractors to scatter – with the help of two intra -game brands OWL and Greenler and do not forget to decorate your cabin with special accessories. Read more about this DLC in this news.

DLC Special Transport update

With the expansion of Kansas, you can transport special goods along 6 new routes, of which 4 are located inside the state, and two will be more special, since they begin to Pueblo (Colorado) and lead to or Merisville (707 miles) or doja city ( 313 miles). You can also transport recently added a blade of a wind turbine with a length of 39 meters (more than 129 feet) and a massive articulated dump truck. More information about the update can be found here.

And do not forget that the staff of the sunflower is fraught with surprises – your next fantastic journey may not be around the corner. See you on the road!