Conan Exiles adds PVE siege in a new large update



Funcom reported that Conan Exiles, which is constantly developing, received critics, a game of survival in the open world, received the third major update in the current season – Age of War. For the first time, besiege the fully destroyed fortress and fight the leader of the invading empire.

The fortress built from the building blocks of players is completely destructive, as in PVP. However, in this case, the player fights with the battalion of elite Stygian soldiers in a fully PVE. Destroy the walls with simple weapons, explosives or even demands, and then fight with the Stigi Commander.

In addition, players can now breathe life into their bases, having built and opening their own tavern. As soon as the bartender is released from the enemy camp of stripping and delivered to your tavern, this dynamic region will be filled with non -game characters that you can hire in order to replenish your ranks. The wheel of pain should no longer be the main source of followers.

Go on a journey through an extensive wild, full of dangers and adventures, on the back of a new camel, the third unique animal in Conan Exiles.

Chapter 3 presents new paid military passes and cosmetic objects of the bazaar, allowing you to expand the set of Aesir buildings and build epic wooden long houses directly from legends. You will find unique tavern jewelry, an expanded set of dungeons, emotions, pets, cosmetic armor and weapons and much more.

Conan Exiles: Age of War – Chapter 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox X | S, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass. Get out into the Stigia fortress and chop off the head of the snake once and for all.

If you play one offline, it will be interesting? There is some plot there?

He seems to be, but he is such that he, as it were, is not at all. This is if without spoilers.

And the entire ENT of the Konan universe is transmitted either through the entire map here and there, there are papereners of other exiles, or through conversations with the NPS, which are also scattered throughout the map. Or through some items in the description.

At the expense of offline. All the juice of the game in the pharma of resov, bosov and dungeons, in order to rebuild, shoe, dress and go to wave in a boring clan PVP on schedule. This is if you look at official servers. The rules can be slightly different on the selected servers, but it does not change the essence – the boring PVP with a dibal balance, a dull fighting and the wildest server lags, when the server has more than 10 people. Regardless of the power of the selected server. This is the problem of the game itself – a shit network and the engine itself, which works poorly in MMO.

PVV in the game is very quickly bored with and after the first run throughout the map and all the dunzam becomes boring, because there is no reigree. Although this is all taste. Some people live in the game, simply equipping their homes and feeding their inner Lutgoblin (t.e. collecting everything and everything without special need). Or engaging RP on special servers.

And besides, in recent years, the outfits began to frankly Gerny, introducing the Sizon Pass and scoring on simple DLS, and they are not going to retreat from this path, even despite all the wrath of the community, which is growing and growing up every year.

Therefore, I will say this. If you love Konan’s universe, or it’s just interesting what is there and how, then you can try to run into the solo. The mood of the Solo Server (on your computer, you don’t need to rent anything) with increased rates and run. But, as I already said, do not expect a full -fledged plot from the game. It’s just an ordinary survival "have fun yourself", oriented mainly on PVP and clan masturbation with reins with ordinary server rates.

Complex issue. He seems to be there, but he is not. There is a tie, but there can be no talk of any narrative. But even so she is an excellent sandbox for one player, even recently, the incisions are too strong emphasis on multiplayer, and do not even try to shove the plot into this Grindilka.

And even such activity as in a video from the post you will not find at all in a single game.

I could have advised you this game before, but now there is no, because the game has finally turned MMO with a grind, dandoles and a donate store with bousts and skinchiks. In short, the vibration of the eruption.

So if a construction MMO-Grindilka without a plot like V Rising is changing you, then pour in. If you prefer a loner, then it is better to advise Valheim. Problems with the plot in both games are exactly the same, but there are at least no donate shops and ubiquitous principles there.