Winners Golden Joystick Awards 2023 – Absolute Triumph Baldur’s Gate 3 and Larian Studios



On the evening of November 10, Golden Joystick Awards 2023 was held, within the framework of which ordinary spectators and professional jury chose the best games of the outgoing year. Voting results and winners are already known.

The main triumph of the evening was the fantasy role -playing game Baldur’s Gate 3. The game received awards in six nominations and became the game of the year as a whole and on the RS. In addition, Larian Studios (its developer) became the best studio of this year.

The full list of winners Golden Joystick Awards 2023 is given below:

  • The best narrative: Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • The best multiplayer game: Mortal Kombat 1;
  • Best visual design: Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • Still playing:No Man’s Sky;
  • Best Sound: Final Fantasy XVI;
  • Best main actor – Ben Starr, Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI;
  • Best Actor of a secondary role – Neil Newbon, Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • Best game community: Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • Best addition:Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty;
  • The best indie game:Sea of ​​Stars;
  • Best PC game: Baldur’s Gate 3;
  • The best game for virtual reality – Horizon Call of the Mountain;
  • Best game trailer: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty;
  • The choice of streamers – Valorant;
  • Breakthrough of the Year: COCOON;
  • The best gaming equipment: PlayStation VR2;
  • The best game of PlayStation: Resident Evil 4;
  • The best game on Xbox: Starfield;
  • Studio of the year: Larian Studios;
  • The best game on Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom;
  • The most anticipated game: Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth;
  • Prize "The choice of critics": Alan Wake 2;
  • The game of the year: Baldur’s Gate 3.

Well, watering liquid will begin. Game of the year: Baldur’s Gate 3. I agree 100%

Congratulations to Sven and his team for painstaking work

*Above the first act 🤡

Calfield was not in the field of view, maybe at that time Todd at the entrance to the metro sold Skyrim?

Calfield has not yet been opened simply, just how 10 years in 10 years will be released in 2000 mods or 4000 then the game will be opened, but for now it stinks

The game has not yet opened))

So the gazebo, perhaps, has not yet been shocked yet. For BG 3 is very glad, Larian deserved.

But what about Starfield. The fanatics of Toddik are probably not year old, they bought 4090 in vain? One award and only in the games for Khbkos, where there was one calic in essence from the choice)

Perhaps you meant, Call of Dutie

It seems as if Sven Vinka regretted Howard and had not yet released the game on his boxing, otherwise he would have taken this award, and at least at least the volume from the barbell.

They will talk about Starfield for a long time, BG 3 is unlikely to last so much.

And who and where is talking about Starfield? If a month after the release is played by 20-30k people at the peak.As well as the schema estimate fell by almost 20%). Well, maybe in bad terms they will talk about Starfield)

In the news of course. Only about beta patch how much they sketched. Online is not an indicator.

I had no doubt about this from early access, I am glad for Larian as for myself)))

hahahahh and where are the players of Starfield. I don’t see them in the comments now..AUUUUUUUUUUU you are. Vyyyyyyyyyuyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoo ahhahahahah

You have seen the games in the list, Baldur among the slag is a hero only, among the triple -hey products, game sap

Here you said correctly: against the background of the AAA-Land, a masterpiece.

Well, where, there is a hamster with 20 minuses. Who is worried about the game industry, which "Degraded" and puts Sorlfield 10 points, and bg 3 stake. Everything is in place)

see the answer above- he is about you, Homka, if you don’t understand.

So now not aaa projects

The best 30 FPS of the year for Hbox)))

There apparently Phil Spenzer himself selects a game for his console

Kinematogrophy 30 FPS by the way.

So Xbox Microsoft, and the gazebo is also a Mycrosoft, it is natural that they put their product to their product

The best game on Xbox: Starfield

This is apparently all that Todd had earned grandmas to buy at least some slot in awards.

This is because the BG3 has not yet come out on the box, hehe

Wow! Even bent Zelda, well done Larian!

And what’s the difficulty of bending the game, which not everyone played?

Zelda few people really need.

No matter how anyone shouts that Zelda is a masterpiece, few plays in it and almost no one remembers.

This "Few people need it" Sold with a 20 millionth circulation. Yes, a baldur cannot even dream of such sales.

They sit somewhere Ubisoft, EA and other game lovers with service and cannot understand where they made a mistake, why did people like the game with good graphics, plot, characters, etc.D., and not the next next donate store, around which the plot wrote the plot and the next 1,500 additions for the sake of additions

You forgot about Blizard and their d4

Rather, this is the milking of the dough with suckers simply epic, there even Tod Howard is resting

Well, you can immediately see someone Todd and the office entered the suitcases.

Why? there is on the box or that shit about vampires or shit about loading, there is simply no choice

Because PS has the best game – a multi -platform, boxing has anx. Does it mean, according to the results of the vote, that Starfield is still better than a rubber 4?

Dear Soniboy, google what the prefix means "multi-"

And the shit is musical?

Well, for example, googled.

The question remains open. Rubber 4 came out on all relevant platforms, including the last generation. On the curling iron he was called the best game of the platform, but it is not recognized on the box, because Starfield is better? Rave.

BG3, of course, is a bite, but the 4th rubber is somehow not enough. The game is also excellent, one of the best releases of the year.

Tears from the eyes. JPG

I am very happy for Larian. I have not played yet, but still only ahead!

people! This is the best that a gaming industry can give you now, throw the whole shit into which you play now and urgently go through BG3. Believe me, you will remain delighted with the game!

Hooray. The Larias deservedly won.

For this is the greatest of the games. 👍🙏

"The best game on Xbox: Starfield" This is the worst advertisement of Xbox))

ahahaha, well, at least somewhere Starfield put. Although, to be honest, how to give awards in usually such awards, I thought Starfield will be more

Well, yes, the gazebo did not reach. Now, if they were allowed to create a man with boobs in the editor, and not to exterminate the living creatures on the planets but fuck – then yes, you would see a couple of another rewards)

_a animals on the planets do not exterminate, but fuck – then yes, you see, they would take a couple more awards_
What are you, fuck animals – this is Haras!
You can fuck only men, it is tolerant and inclusive.

Just the well done deserved! Sven on vacation for a month)

Well, right, on the box Baldur Gate hasn’t come out yet.)

The best game on Xbox: Starfield XD

Someone seemed to doubt)) Larian smart, they honestly deserved this victory and all that love and attention from the players.

I do not see the army of happy and satisfied millions of Starfield players, in the final vote "The game of the year" The masterpiece of Todd even in TOP 5 could not go.

Well, these are all sorts of nominations with one slag, there are no quality AAA of the AAA, one Malomal slag, well, Baldur is good among all this and the Starfield are good, but the MK1 was generally the best online game, the game was full, mainly those voted CT ANE playing the present, and those CTs do not vote and not vulnerassed by all voters and events with this associated as I, for example, there are quite a few of them, Baldur is kind of top of course, but among other genres she is just a game for lovers of step -by -step games the plot game of course, the visual is good, the variability of Xs of one passage was enough so that this game was tired, already in the second act the game began to bother it, in general every year almost in the top of the slag

By the way, Starfield can not essentially get into one of their nominations, the plot is mediocre, the plots for the fractions are better than the main, the graphics and good, the mechanics are simplified and there are not a few of them, the only networks and scope and visuals make the game playable and fashion, but of course, but so the game of the year is certainly not to become, everything is evaluated there according to other concepts

If all the game is for you, then give an example of the perfect game.
Just not a dull mainstream like a spider/go, otherwise I will be.

Exclusions of Kinzo Ploks and not the games of pushing your passage beautiful with a good plot no more, and good games are this Fallout 3, GTA 4, Kal of Duyi some old plot there Not bad, not bad, moreover, ox -oxed to the shooters that no one can do the like for years in single for years, no one has moved the activist themselves in the online slag, NFS Mostestet 2005 and underground 2 (Races are of course not games in modern society and in the nomination do not care now to see), Crisis 1, Far Tero 2, Max Payne, Konstantin, Korutel, Yes damn the same All parts of the Paynkeller, XZ further forgot the games, to mate over, but these are what I played and in the mind in the forefront is remembered and I think quite intentions than modern games

"By the way, Starfield can not essentially get into one of their nominations, the plot is mediocre, the plots for the fractions are better than the main, the graphics and good, the mechanics are simplified and there are not a few of them, the only networks and scope and visuals make the game playable and fashion, but of course, but so the game of the year is certainly not to become, everything is evaluated there according to other concepts" But at the same time, the game receives 10 points from you, and bg 3 total stake?) Youth in the voice, the title of the most repulsed fanatics, you deserved back in 2015, when you torn, seeing how the Witcher 3 gave Fole 4 for both cheeks. In 2023, you successfully, and most importantly confidently, confirmed your title among fanatics of other games.

In principle, it was expected, although it was the idea that Alan Kek 2 could somehow stand out, it would take the atmosphere and presentation of the plot, but thank God there is no, after the passage of Alan – Baldura leaves more integral and positive emotions

Quite deservedly – the game turned out to be magnificent, and when I overcome my hostility to step -by -step battles and a cube, I will definitely go through it

deservedly, I hope there will be another example of how to make games

Damn, Lie of P was underestimated, at least for the music, there it is just magnificent, but apparently hipstot and grandmas from the squares played a role. In general, I noticed that after the release the game was simply ignored, it really did not flash in the news and no one really looked at. Although many streamers played. And in fact, she became the most polished out of all releases, even the same Baldur Gates is not optimized.

Well, apparently the fans of the Solslowers are not so much in fact.

At such a pace the list of a fast from mobile phones will be. XD)

They need to change the temporary format. Not in a year, but let’s say in five years, there will be more than a thing to choose anything, you can choose. ))

The game of the year is deserved

hmm, and I never went the game further than 1 chapter

Similarly) reached about the end of the chapter 1, running through the dungeons, and took a break.

After Starfield, the world does not fascinate too much, too artificial and non -interactive. The role -playing system and the presentation of the plot were also somehow hooked too much, compared even with cheaper Pathfinder.

In general, I did not understand the general hype. But it is clear that the game is suitable.

The best game on the Xbox: Starfield ahahaha+ garbage dump of the year that has been done 6+ years and that the project is the culmination of 25 years of work) and if seriously Baldur’s Gate 3 is a masterpiece! I do not like step -by -step games in general and considered them delirium) well, it showed the games how I was mistaken 140h played up !The character of the characters is just the highest class ! It is a pity that the game does not have a ruler, although this does not interfere

I will play MB when all fixes or extended version come out. The genre is not mine at all. My Gotie is Totk

The game is plotly good, but the step -by -step and throwing of all sorts of cubes is such a drisle, all the desire to play fights off in general, IMHO of course

At first it was the same, but then it was cut. D&D is the most worked out game mechanics with which "Modern" RPG and did not stand nearby.

I don’t know, I have not yet mastered to complete. Constant rebooting of conservations from behind the cube and so on pushes strongly. It would be better if the game was gameplay as DA: o, personally my opinion

The whole truth about how these voting voters are made at all, PC will always be the best gaming equipment, not for homeless people of course, but a PC in the world is Sumarno more than all gaming underlessnesses all over the world, sales of the PC of iron simply overshadow all the prefixes taken in the world

This was said to you in your head?Just as if consoles and make the gaming market.. And the emphasis first goes to the console, and not on a PC. Sumarno PC in the world can be more, but how many of them are game?) And how many of them you can normally play in the novelty? And at least in Europe consoles prevail

Well, Steamdek came out in 2022, but no more competitors. Juang won, Lisa Su too.

Here the nomination is not of what kind of equipment of the razor this year, and what is better and better, of course, PC, firstly rays of 4K tracer for 100 FPS and TD and the like, play PC from year to year better, because PC is always the best equipment for the sake of The fact that there is always better than somewhere, but alas, Blastyishn VIAR got out, well, oh well, let it be better, there is trace, graphics, gaples, etc., now if an entertainment equipment is better than a leaf, and it is better The OIGRA PC is always better, according to the cleanliness of the game, the plane can and whether the box is or PC here xs, by the number of PC equipment in general, of course, but here it is simple The best gaming equipment And right away only on the mind PC For many, although the VIAR PLAK can former, since PC Plok and Boxing is already platforms, and here equipment, and therefore the Virus Virus as the equipment is the best at 23, so logical

Moreover, here PC and nomination gaming equipment ? If these are different things and in this nomination are completely different criteria and speech for certain iron, whether it is for the computer, whether it is a console, or some kind of headset, and not a PC in general, and what are the 4K with 100 FPS with tracer, and here This is in general?) I think you are still writing your comment, forget what you wrote at the beginning, and then you don’t understand at all that you yourself wrote
Here you have the same nomination, only in past awards, this is precisely evaluated in a year, and how sideways is the PC as gaming equipment here? I haven’t met a tuning room for a long time "smart" brow.. it’s just your hand of these comments

But here you have another nomination where it was precisely the gaming equipment for all the time

Best Game Equipment: PlayStation VR2
The best game on Xbox: Starfield;

The jury nominated, players voted mainly, well, streamers in some category.

Kakun breakthrough of the year. Lolshto. Primitive of the year

What, and in primitivism, Balda cannot be accused. Or you are offended by Starfieldfag?

All mechanics and so on was already, she did not bring anything new. And where is the Oblazhenka ? Starfield is even larger Call and nothing.

As far as I know, the Larias introduced a lot of right to the balance of classic RPGs. Made more understandable for people by replacing all sorts of 1D6+2 by 3-8, and visualization of everything that is possible.
In terms of complexity and elaboration d&D is an order of magnitude higher than all modern games. In terms of novelty, the game from the Larian adheres to the principle "Everything new, good, is forgotten old", And therefore, successfully surprises young players.

If this is not enough for you, then what game "I brought a new one"? Unless minecraft, as the founder of the genre.

Are you kidding? Baldurs almost half a copy of the sodran from divinity 2. They are even visually similar.

Yes, new mechanics were added to Baldurs, but they are not new, but a little modified. Yes, and there are very few of them.

So you say that it is worked out above the other games, and much, and what is there?

Well, let’s answer for your words. Give an example.

In my memory, this is the first, and the only game that collected absolutely all multiple awards in which it was nominated (at the same ceremony). Correct if I’m mistaken.

Yes, because there are no competitors. That’s all.

Even in that year, which was not very much, this game would not be able to gain so many awards and could hardly have taken first place.

If there are no competitors, then the worst player in the world can get a golden ball.

The choice of streamers – Valorant; Another proof that streamers are nonhumans

So the chisel is already how many years old, what side by side is it by 2023?

What, someone doubted? Thought AW2?))))

Well, they thought the game about gameplay would be chosen and not three times digested clone.

As I already wrote, the Syndrome of the Third Witcher in Action. Someone on top again lowered the scraps that the BG3 is a masterpiece of a decade, which means that the hamster will now repeat this on all game forums over the next few years, arranging a hysteria from any criticism.

This is sad, given that the game itself is generally not bad, and such an anti -advertising in this case only spoils the picture.

At least in the third witcher there were so many problems, gays and zoophiles, and most importantly, there were interesting quests and beautiful heroines.

There is so much green in green, that Calfield was recognized

Generally curious how such a Gamnisch received the game of the year. Indeed, in the BG3, the transition to the camp is carried out through teleportation (!), you can’t reach the camp. And any expert "critic" Starfield will be shown that teleportation (!) – This is all, without a chance, the game Gamnishche and Zashkvar of the year. Here in Forest you can walk to the camp, they managed to do there, and here – a miserable craft of worthless handlers for gamnuys)

even Starfield is the best in something)))))

Golden Joystick Awards is a British tolerant crap with a storyline, and it is clear why Baldur’s Gate 3 won, one -sex sex, perversions, blood -blood, all that is like an inclusive West if this "happiness" There were no rewards and there would be no question where Atomic Heart? Political agenda, where Hogwarts Legacy LGBT A summons, the best game of the year is Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Deservedly received awards and a cool game, both all their games and for UK, and the regional price was and without any prohibitions well done Sven.

I understand everything, but Astarion!? In some passages, I generally thought to take it seriously in Pati or not, what is the best character, God.

He is an imba horns of Damager, and if he also becomes a true vampire, then this is generally a monster

Just say this "Character for a girl", My friend and I played together, one of my passages so she loved him very much, the voice of the actor like the voice acting, and with the novel with him he reveals, he becomes devoted to you as a dog, even in his personal quest refuses if you You ask.

I understand everything, but Astarion!? In some passages, I generally thought to take it seriously in Pati or not, what is the best character, God.

We are talking about a character’s voice acting.

An unpleasant character and a boring character are different things.
I remind you that in the games of Bioware there was not a single ordinary person (with the exception of Bolvan Alister and that Negro from ME2 as-Tom-He-Zali?)

Here everyone is talking about Starfield, and where is Spider Man 2? The best game of PlayStation is Resident Evil 4? A shame.

Well, so spider2 is another slasher soot. Sony so hesitated by their self -digging that even critics without suitcases cannot play it.

Spider-Man 2 came out late, only half a month passed, so here everything should have been clear, not all even the game went through, there could be no question of voting and speech. Resident Evil 4 came out for a long time on consoles, so the choice fell on it. In addition to her, only the Final Fantasy 16 came out, the game is good, but the game is designed mainly for fans of the series and genre lovers, plus it was only for PS5, unlike the same Resident Evil 4, so the choice is clear.

Baldur 3 is not bad, of course, the characters of sexy, you can get everyone and you can undress everyone and try on their clothes on yourself, and in general you can be the lord of everything and command all over everyone alone, I liked most of all that I had all, but those who should be a partner and so on, everyone fell in front of the way, all their clothes of armor and good became mine, this world of Bfldur belonged and has a good thing for me! Ahahaahah, played the role of the god Line!

All you need to know about console wars =)

And what, this year there are other options?

As in any other year.

And what is this year?

The remake of the old game? ?(Rubber)

We are copying a spider that we are copying from year to year?

Zelda that comes out on only one platform, and not on the most popular?

Starfield, which clearly did not reach the expectations?

Or maybe a fantasy that many fans call the worst in the series?

Or maybe an assassin who is not able to achieve even the shadows of the past?

Or maybe some other game that is difficult to even remember and no one talks about them at all?

Well, what games, this year they are able to compete with a slightly average game Baldurs?

This year is clearly the worst in the history of games.

Wow. A game that went into a release without any huge bugs. Completed. With excellent optimization. With high -quality shooting support, addition and/or corrections, taking into account the wishes of the audience, it was the coolest game. So yes, strange.

The game came out with the bugs, which is disgusting on the release in technical terms with the third act, which Larian himself and unfinished, because during the four hefty patches, classes still add interactions, replicas, etc.There, in the last patch, the paladin was thrown an interactive, otherwise there was no almost wagering besides oath of oath.And 4 patchs are not the last, the same Mintar has not yet been fixed, although they promised to fix it back in September.

How disgusting? At the level of Jedy Surwiwor, which on most computers simply did not work?
Or maybe the game was still in an acceptable state, and you need to thank the development that they fill the non-service game with content for free?

T.e-firing support is bad? Polzi in the same fool, where the place of fanatics of the Sorlfield, there is your place. Larian always supported their games after the release. What did Todd Howard do "It just works" And "Update your computers" And he left to wait until the moderners fix his trash. The number of bug bg 3 is objectively minimal, and there are no critical (breaking the game) at all. The only seriously broken Mintara novel is partially broken. Everything else is treated with restart. 3 The act really had drawdowns, but this is the best large settlement in RPG games, both in size and in content. Cyberpank does not take into account- there is the whole game about Night and compare the city, about which the whole game is, and the city, which is only one of the locations and one of the acts is not relevant. And what they "add interaction between classes, improve epilogues and other" This is their plus. And does not mean "incomplete" Games- any game, even 90 gold and the beginning of zero can be improved and there is always something to add, there would be a desire. And in terms of shooting improvements – Larian leaders, when they do it all for free (including the definition version). The SDPR used to be there, until they crap with cyberpunker (and I’m not talking about his bugs or cut out content (this is everywhere) but about complete indivisibility after the game).

It is clear that the best game is either BG3 or Hogwards, that is, which played the most in Steam, pinned the rubber 4 as the best game on a curling iron, the spider cries on the sidelines, the rest did not understand what, the finals are needed with the gaps for the liga at all.

Hogvards was not in the nomination.

Hogwards except for the atmosphere. Only fans of Harry Potter and fans of the grind.

Everything is completely deserved.

Eh, there is still nothing to play on the hbox.

They would still choose something single-user.

Well, where, without torn farts of Haters, Starfield, who still a rectal fire extinguisher in their burning point will not be attached in any way. And why, a point for them is a consumable, but the opportunity to get out – suddenly it will not appear anymore)

Why if a person did not like this game, then it means that this is Fan Starfield?

For the first time in many years, it’s not a shame for the results

Oh, lovers of Skyrim and porn promoted the game))))))

Okay porn, but Skyrimikakima side?

In general, BG 3 is a stupid team of a hodgepodge with sexy elements. This is the same if in Diablo 3 plow the same videos and she would win the same)))))))

I can agree that Baldurs received five awards, but not with the sixth.

Well, at least kill, but this game does not deserve, a reward for the plot.

Well, this is nonsense. It’s like giving a reward for the plot – Fifashka.

Well, at Eurovision, not those who sings better, it is time to put up with it to come to terms with this. BG3 in places is a very good game, but the genre of the old -fashioned step by the RPG itself is a rare connoisseur now. On this in the pantheon games of the year do not enter.

But on the agenda – yes. And therefore, they sat down in the game "of good" From the heart. Here you have transcians in the editor, and the party entirely from the cabbage rolls, and lovers of the zoo will be found. Try not to give such a masterpiece 12 out of 10 – they drag it on the courts.

On the third party – online is still not bad for the game, so you shouldn’t member of the game for awards either. She really deserved many of them (although the reward for the plot, if the game has one, is, of course, game).

Yes, I am via and I, for the most part, criticize this game for the fact that even we go crazy with it.

I am simply surprised that even with us, the people are crazy from the vampire of gay, bears who can fuck you, as well as a bunch of ugly female heroines.

I am sincerely surprised that many in our countries like this.

In the BG3 really not a bad plot. Interesting ENT, interesting quests and memorable characters.

Plot and quests for an amateur, I would call them more likely. As for Laura – well, apparently someone in the games on the ENT of the forgotten kingdoms did not play before at all before. For from Laura to BG3 something is almost zero. It’s like some Jedi Survivor to praise for an ENT, which was recorded as much as half a century ago.

Surprising another. BG3 is now praised for everything for which in due time they specifically opened the Inquisition. But if you conduct a banal comparison with this game as much as 2014 – from the new one in the B3, perhaps the increased Pedikov pool and saving on the voice acting of the protagonist.

Such an exhibition, they shove different games and some kind of BG 3. And as a result, it was not difficult to guess who in what nomination what game would win. Games from boxing and curves are generally a cring, there is no resident on the boxing, but there is a curling iron.

Crown, because the spider sucked even on the platform where he was an ecca?

And here is a spider?

Then what is wrong in the games of the platforms, in your opinion?

There is a multi -platform on one console, but on the other not. Che is not clear?

The game won for the lowered, rejoice at Ahahhs

you confused something Starfield did not win)))

I don’t understand why to judge by games

Apparently Alan Wake 2 was not even included in this selection, because I don’t understand why some Asian is better than Fins, who, like with a visual, are much better than winners. Yes, and with the game of the year BG3, I would also argue, because only 1 act is polished there, and then a typical jerking out, which does not lend itself to any logic. Especially in Lleeling.

you can a fact, a crap, or we accept the wretchedness of the BG only on the basis of the opinion of Codl, like you? Alas, this does not work. In technical terms, 3 acts are bad, in the plot – all three are good. And cry about "bad" The plot 3 of the acts can only those who have bombed from the drawdowns of the FPS and they began to skip all the dialogs and side quests, if only to see the ending faster. 3 Act is the most concentrated with quests (if performed with side effects) and closes many quest lines that began already in 1 act. And it closes not banal "You were shown a character from act 3, all the game is a masterpiece" And also because it ends their stories and makes it possible to influence them again (and I, of course, about the stories of secondary characters, not the Sopartians).

This included only games that came out before the start of the vote. Alan Vake can see next year as I understand it. And regarding the game of the year – the problem of this year as a whole is that it was the new good games that would be of high quality that were not in fact. Rubber 4 Yes, but it is not a new game, the bullet 2 no longer hit the deadlines, but there are also full of bugs. So a strange situation is obtained – from the new releases of large games this year, there were no normal ones, and the BG3 is the only one that was promptly repaired by patches in comparison with the rest.

Yes, quickly, I’m still trying to update, already 3 hours. Everyone, bitch, day on a shitty patch

You suddenly saw your list of games for pg? It came to you for a long time

phahaha you have seen your profile?

I am yes. And you don’t even try to figure it out, since even from your gear in your head they scrape away from mental stress

not not, you didn’t watch your profile with a campaign🤣
Try to look again, but only with your eyes!

Dragon Age: Inquisition + three times more fans + lack of voice acting GG = game of the year 2023)

Seriously, once again, I do not criticize the BG3, the game is generally not bad, but where does such fanboy come from? Most of those who put 115 out of 10 plays at all played it? Or again looked at the opinion of the beneficiars on Yutub? There are also pre -Khrenischi problems, and some of them have not yet bothering to record it from the time of the first divinity.

Well, most likely, because no one has gone much further than the first act, and it is the most optimized

And so these bg3 dugries have already got everyone. They constantly needed to fly to the discussion of any game and tell how cool and the best and in general, it would be better to quit playing that they like and went to play BG3. And it doesn’t matter that not everyone is interested in such a genre or someone does not like the outdated step-by-step combat system.

And now, when they have a golden joystick deep at the fifth point, there will be no passage from them at all.

Unfortunately, yes, we observe the appearance of a new third witcher in the worst sense of the word. Now the BG fanboy will climb on the forums of all games, from racing to cosmosims, proving that BG3 is better. Prior to this, such a cring has been observed with a witcher for 8 years (which was also objectively not a masterpiece and rather for an amateur).

What, an incident, you are angry that you can’t repel two buttons so that the character scatters everyone? Afraid to understand the mechanics because the head will explode? XD

When they write so, I have a question: what genre is interesting to everyone? Such a genre generally exists?

Obviously not. People like different things.

But, on the other hand, it makes no sense to deny that most players in games are children. This means that the most popular and, as a result, children’s games will be awarded precisely. While a product designed for a more adult audience will always remain niche. Which does not make it worse.

How many fools in the world in order to three years old from the studio three times for 5 years and then for another 5 years they repair from bugs – call the game of the year))) it would be better to have learned to do the gameplay and not their LGBT of the topic to promote.

Yeah, not like your masterpiece Starfield XD

It’s clear. Another lobotomite, devoid of reason, sucked by the bumps of the next bomber. Then we are surprised why such problems with Gamdev, when the norms of the game sits down with his cattle criticism, such a broken trash.

Here you are clearly a fool.

Well, where does the Starfield?

Well, it’s real, it’s not so dermal Baldurs that in order to expose it at least somehow in the world, you need to compare with the failure of the year?

Baldurs is so shitty?

Well, everywhere, I criticize Baldurs and give real examples from the game, and in response the same thing – you are a stupid creature that pray to the Starfield!

Or they say this – you are*IT, who does not understand anything! When a bear and gay fucks you in addition, it’s cool.

Well, you really fucked up with this Baldurs. In general, no one is able to answer normally to criticism of this game.

But even I can find positive moments in this game, but not one fan is not capable of it. Instead of a normal response to criticism that you do not invent at all, you all stupidly compare the game with the Starfield or scream at all those who criticize the game of the mod they are stupid creatures.

It seems that even fans of this game are not able to find at least something positive in the game.