Blizzard games will appear on Steam, starting with Overwatch 2



Some of your favorite Blizzard games will appear on Steam. Today, Blizzard announced that it plans to offer the choice of his games in the store for PC.

“Despite the fact that we still strive to constantly invest in Battle.Net and support it, we want to destroy barriers so that it is easier for players around the world to find and enjoy our games, ”the announcement says.

The first game Blizzard, which will appear on Steam, will be Overwatch 2, and it will be available on August 10.

Steam players will still have to connect Overwatch 2 to Battle account.Net, but they will have access to all the amenities of Steam, such as a list of friends and achievements.

Although Blizzard indicated that she would release several games in Steam, Overwatch 2 is the only one that she announced so far, saying that she would present more games, “when the time comes“.

I look forward to Diablo 4

I think the sessions will come out: OV2, Hots, Xs. Perhaps SK2. About the D4 and the Her Party, I do not think that blits will want to lose 30% of the income

I think to release the Second World War and the Dyabla is a very good idea in Steam. The main number of players are sitting there, so the potential straps of new players may well be, and where the players are profitable) Teso and FF IV norms feel in Steam, so there will be a place.

It is unlikely that they pay 30 percent 30 percent. Most likely there are special conditions thanks to which the same EA returned.

On the one hand, yes, on the other hand, still in tops, and D4 is only a month. And then that all the games will need to be replaced in Smim, because the blouses will not let their games from Battelnet to Steam will add their games. I bought a tedo outside of Steam, you can’t add to Steam)

If the game earns 50 million, then the commission decreases to 20%, these are all conditions)

Apparently Overvotch 2 crap that they decided to fill the online through Steam.
Where is Pve and the plot promised?
D. but a piece, do not raise this squalor online.

In an interview, resources were named as a problem. In particular, the director Keller noted that the development of the PVE Hero Mode mode in Overwatch 2 would be similar to "The simultaneous launch of two separate games with a single set of heroes for them". Adding 40-50 talents for more than 35 heroes was an unbearable task for the team.

The developers decided to focus all their forces on the Overwatch 2 PVP aspect, however, the PVE aspect will still appear in the form of small plot missions that will be added every season.

As for the new road map, people still have to wait for some time while any plot PVE mines will appear in Overwatch 2. The fourth season will end on June 13, 2023, and it will follow the fifth season with events such as Mischief & Magic, Questwatch and Summer Games. Since the duration of seasons is about nine weeks, the sixth season will begin only in August 2023.

They decided to release all their games on Steam due to the fact that "Overwatch 2 is crap"?

Hardly. It seems to me here more and more. Microsoft will already obviously take AB after winning in court against FTC and its influence is already entering into force.

Simultaneous launch of two games? Please remind how many new cards and Persians brought Over2 for more than 2 years of development? Content there give God for a small dls enough.

I have not seen other games so far, so far only brown promises and Gameover 2

So you read the news? Here’s the original news for you

We’re Excited to Announce that We Are Bringing a Selection of Oour Games to Steam, Starting with Overwatch 2 … Which Will Be availble on the Platform ON AUGUST 10!

We are pleased to announce that we will add a selection of our games to Steam and start with Overwatch 2.

I think by the sample they mean simply relevant. Type Warcraft 3 Reformged, Diablo 2 Reformged, Diablo 4. Here is Starcraft Remastered and Starcraft 2 + DLC already xs

The basis we need

This is no longer even in Battle.No. Only Warcraft III Reforged

He is on a pirate for a long time why he is in Steam

You never played online?

Warcraft3? Yes, in 2004

Steam becomes a real launcher for launches

One to rule everyone, haha.

There is no excess loot, what is there so to be shy? Well, no one buys nearby of the game of the game their new. Just a free additional audience is needed, that’s all, so they would say! "Need more gold!", Everything is straight according to the classics :))

The person from the comments said correctly: "Let the dust in the eyes with cheap and unnecessary things, and the right and expensive ones are saving for earnings, so that a person would pay you more and was also grateful at the same time. These people hogging by old servers Kolds and Games Blizard in Steam and are on all those stains for which you do not understand how you could at all)"

And with all the tin Microsoft. Ransom of a huge number of publishers/developers and an exclusive release of games for Microsoft Platforms (Xbox, Windows Store), advertising in games, planting for subscriptions with games and battleships. All the evil evil of the gaming industry comes from small -haired.

After all, almost all the studios that Microsoft bought up, began to make games-services after the purchase, and they bought activist precisely because they make only games and no others. There were already several rumors about advertising in games, with Windows Store everyone will throw everyone later, when the people approaches the needle, the experience of EGS showed that you need to act more accurately.Therefore, access to Steam is just another step to plant naivek on a donation, signature and free -frying needle.

The conclusion is simple: mentally retarded, which just does not attract, F2P including.