Baldur’s Gate 3 sales in early access exceeded 2.5 million copies



In 18.00 Moscow time will take place the premiere of Baldur’s Gate 3, the largest Larian Studios project, which, due to its gigantic scale, needs to achieve huge sales.

Jason Schreyer on Bloomberg published interesting material about Baldur’s Gate 3. The editor confirms that Larian Studios was faced with huge problems during the development of the game – at this time the pandemic broke out and at the same time the developers underwent huge changes in their structures.

Before the work on Baldur’s Gate 3 Larian Studios was a team of only 140 developers who could well cope with the creation of large games in the RPG genre. However, the developers realized that the new project needed to strengthen, and for this reason the team was expanded to 450 specialists – this caused new problems, while the company also realized that the BG3 should "Sell ​​a ton of copies".

Baldur’s Gate 3 contains a large number of cinematographic scenes, and it was precisely because of the expansion of production, in particular, additional staff was required – Sven Vinka, in an interview with the journalist Bloomberg, noted that the development of scenes with the participation of characters is similar "Film shooting" or even "Many films at the same time".

However, the game is so great that no player will never see all the elements added to it – the developers have developed so many options that some scenes are designed only for showing a handful of fans, but the studio knew that it should expand the adventures in this way.

Larian Studios took risk, releasing the game to early access to Steam, but it did not stop bringing money: sales of the game reached 2.5 million. copies.

Jason Schreyer also confirmed one curious information – Sven Vinka and his wife still possess most shares of Larian Studios. The boss got acquainted with the list of potential acquisitions of Microsoft, and although his company is on this list, at least at present he does not plan to sell the team. Wink confirmed that he "I haven’t finished yet" and wants to develop Larian without the owner who would put pressure.

Larian officially did not mention the new project, but Sven Vink hinted that the next game developed by his studio would be less.