Video Comparison of the Ultra Plus Fashion for Hogwarts Legacy emphasizes significant visual improvements



The new Hogwarts Legacy video, which has recently been published on the Internet, emphasizes huge visual improvements made by the Ultra Plus mod.

The new comparison compiled by Elanalistadebits shows how the mod makes significant visual improvements in all directions, such as global lighting, reflection, the surrounding shading and improvement of rays trace. At times it seems that Hogwarts Legacy has always been intended for use on high -performance equipment.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One around the world. The game will be released at Nintendo Switch in November this year.

Looks like a typical solid crap. The sharpness was added, the fog was removed and made darker.

As if it’s bad. What is the joke to play faded, muddy and soap games? I roll up the solids for each game, because I like a juicy and clear picture.

Lol, this reside very well decorates the picture, unlike the soap of developments.

What is the joke to play echoing games with oversaturated flowers?

And who makes you make her outglass? Or do not know measures? In general, everyone has their own perception, if something does not like, does not mean that others too.

It is not only about perception, but everyone also has a different monitor that, as it were, also strongly, very, affects what picture we see in the game)

Developers generally pancake laziness initially to make a game qualitatively visually. Mododels always improve games visually.

People, she only lagged on the road on the release. Where there is even more schedule? In addition, the visual level itself is good, if the RT reflections do not include.

And what about reflections? RT breaks them? I just don’t know.

it is a pity that the RT never fixed normally. boom to hope after 3-4 years when the second part will be released, all the minor mistakes of this game will be taken into account, they will finish. if not, I will be very disappointed)

The RT is very crookedly implemented, yes. plants performance, but even lowering this moment – it simply does not work as it should, there are no clear reflections

Very dick quality of reflections, somewhere 360 ​​rub on high tuning.

Rolled rtgi/ssao and clarity?

How did this restriction of a drawing range of 50 meters, let it be removed and the mods to improve the graphics will be almost not needed.

Nowadays, iron will not pull this already, no cut will optimize it, especially when on consoles this is, in principle, it is not possible, that is, to try stupidly for the PC market, alas

it looks cool of course, but how much fps eat this mod?

Somewhere minus 2-5 fps. In Hogsmid, more.

Depending on what to eat from.

from GTX 980 at the time of the test) If any RTX is available, there is no need for this collective farm.

If not RTX, there is no sense in fashion: it looks ridiculous and terrible.

Nothing has changed with this mod, except that the floor was dry with the RT. As it was 120-165, it remained. 13600kf + 4080 and 32 liters of RAM DDR4

On RTX, this shader is simply useless.

sits down to be healthy, even on RTX if you apply to the games that do not support the rays. Checked on take 3 and CP2077, to patches with the addition of RT. Here it must be understood that RTX themselves easily cope with the rays, and this emulation stretches all the juices in view of its clumsy. And games in which initially there is no RT support, with this shader they played from 2070. Gtx it practically does not pull. I don’t see the point of this at all. On Nexus, my preset Reshede is still under any games (I did it for a long time under the shooting 3, it lies in its topic, https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Witcher3/Mods/2987) perfect in terms of realism of the picture)) You can change everything there to your taste, but the most critical are "Vibrance" And "Tonemap" )) compatible with all versions of Reshade. I use in all games changing these two parameters. Loss of FPS – 1k/s in tests.

Therefore, there is such that solids come to everyone in their own. yours looked, everything is done at all judging by the screens. or so my monitor is configured, I don’t know, but it looks like all the colors from life have taken the dementors. no offense, just an opinion) I know that many people like this on the contrary

Normal calibration under "Correct" Colors on IPS. under the atmosphere was made. The game is gloomy. ) and I agree, the color perception of everyone has different.

Add: color, sharpness, contrast can be through application — graphic map. As for the savings of memory – nonsense.

RTGI in ResHADE Non -blessed FPS with a minimum difference. RTGI is a shader for RT emeration, in games or on cards that do not support them. In addition, his latest versions were paid)) I tried several times in different games – not an option. On RTX the same can be reproduced without it.

In general, without a fashion, a picture in my opinion is better. Only the reflection is better with the mod, and everything else is worse, especially, for the remote fog is insulting.

Well, there is no such transparent air in our world, there is always some kind of dust, smoke, etc.D. This is not a mod, but simply removed part of realism ..

So this and as if not our world. Fantasy and all that. Why and in the screen to see grayness, if it is always outside the window?

I don’t want to scare you, but you walk with a film in my eyes or with vision trouble..or you live next to the factories.

In love in a hole lives where the crematorium was able to

Do not humiliate him, he is not to blame that life is like

well, he is lying on in the hole, he doesn’t leave anywhere, nothing can, of course

Why it was impossible to implement all these configurations of the parameters of the reflections and the range of drawing in the settings of the game itself.

What was originally supposed to be in the game, the modernity adds, go down.

Improvements where? Well, they removed the fog and added a bit in the brightness of sharpness – and the improvements where? Graphone is exactly the same in fact. The mod is useless. With such new bright sharp colors without foggy smoothing, the eyes will quickly get tired on the forehead. The mountainous terrain on locations without a tumor at a distance also ugly looks unnaturally in this fashion. Garbage, not a mod. That the fog was completely removed, in fact, this was ruined by the whole picture. Well, an ugly mod and that’s it.

So there is the size of the mod 23 MB, it’s just a game with settings. What global improvement are we talking?) People simply optimized the consumption of RAM and tried to configure normally Ini file.

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