The creator of Fallout wants a post -apocalyptic role series to leave the United States: “I would like to explore China and Russia”



One of the creators of Fallout talked about where he would like to send a post-apocalyptic role series.

Tim Kane, one of the creators of the Fallout video game series, took part in the TKS-Mantis podcast episode to talk about everything related to Fallout. Despite the fact that he left the series shortly before the release of Fallout 2, Kane still thinks a lot about CRPG. When asked where he would like to direct the hypothetical Fallout 3, Kane replies:

Well, that would be 3D, the only reason why we did not do this was that it was not viable. I would go to different parts of the world.

I told people that we used to say that since Fallout America was very similar to America’s jingoism, we wanted to explore China and UK", – Kane continues, and then talks about the difficulties associated with the implementation of this concept at that time, in the late 1990s. We spoke: "We don’t know enough about it", Therefore, we would have to look for someone, hire, we need someone who really knows English everyday life and could tell us what the future of UK the 50s imagined, and what the future of China of the 50s imagined? I wanted to study this.

Then Kane told the presenter of the podcast that he already has the idea of ​​the new Fallout game, but he did not tell anyone about her.

I have already developed Fallout’s design, but no one saw it. I didn’t even tell Leonard [Boyarsky – designer Fallout] about design, because if they ever do it, I will know that this is a coincidence, I can’t even imagine how everything will happen, so he just sits in my head.

Finally, after we are talking about the upcoming fan fashion, Fallout London, which is "DLC mod" for Fallout 4, Kane began to list the places that he would like "Bomb" and install the game Fallout in them.

Think about all the beautiful cities that you could bomb. Eiffel Tower would melt and lean. Big Ben. Prague is beautiful, I would love to bomb her. There are several cities in which it would be very cool. Rio de Janeiro, let’s bomb him. Hawaii would be cool to bomb.