“Must make the player feel small”: Bethesda still does not consider empty planets boring planets



Despite the successful launch of a new project from Bethesda under Microsoft, the game receives many ambiguous reviews from the players, employees from Bethesda began to answer some reviews and these answers were at a dead end.

It all started with a review on Steam from one of the players left in early October,

In the review, the player describes his impressions of the game, where he also claims that Starfield is a big step backward regarding the Bethesda’s past projects, known for games with freedom of research, as in the RPG genre and asks the question – on which so much time was spent and funds, if unique and interesting content is much less than in Skyrim and Fallout 4.

At the end of October, this review was commented on by Steam an employee from Bethesda under the nickname Falcoyamaoka. He apologized for the fact that the game did not live up to the expectations of the user, and then tried to explain that empty planets are an author’s idea.

Some planets are empty in mind – it’s not boring. The point was to have a study in Starfield forced the player to feel small.

The developer advised the developer to study the player’s claim to a monotonous gameplay and stupid flights and increase the level of complexity. FALCOYAMAOKA believes that the management of some vessels is felt in a completely different way.

  • Many players expressed dissatisfaction with such answers from developers, players write that it is strange for them to read such answers from an employee of the company. In their opinion, such explanations and tips only show that the studio itself is really very far from its audience.
  • The players also report that Bethesda copies this message in response to some other reviews, therefore it is possible that it was not written as a appeal specifically to this review.

Disgrace, so to the end

There is interesting content in the game, but it is very diluted with boring content and boredom for so strong that he played decently, but the game was tired and stopped going into it, although the plot also did not pass, and more than half of the side chains are more than half. They took out these empty planets, took out loads, took out to run 500-1000 meters to points of interest, and the dialogs were too diluted with empty chatter, took out the same bases on the planets. So it goes.

Even somehow scary for 6 scrolls! Most likely it will be fierce game! The gazebo was exhausted!

I look at our country and in general, Europe looks more soberly, but they say in the United States a lot of bought Starfield. Just Zadornov was right about Americans. Yes, most likely the scrolls will be incredible sizes and a bunch of boring content.

I condemn. I looked at yours "9 out of 10" (almost ideal or masterpiece) game "Far Cry: New Dawn" And I did not understand why you are others criticizing that they play Starfield.

Yes, I have passed New Don 3 times, there is an interesting system of improving weapons, a light non -straining game. And headlights edge 6 is full, abandoned the game. Somewhere in Starfield I reached half, I spent 5 days, level 50, I really wanted to improve weapons to the maximum, improved and became boring in the game. I don’t go into the game anymore, so I condemn the game fiercely, they didn’t try very hard, they created a huge game, it was their goal, but we had to make an interesting game, for example, Fallut 4 is an excellent game, three times passed.

The question is not what you like or not, but that you only criticize someone on the basis of your taste (Americans). Someone can spend 1000 hours on construction in Starfield and he likes it, and in the same "Far Cry: New Dawn" and could not stand it.

That is, the game is empty not because the gazebo is crooked and lazy, but because it is so conceived!? Well, what to say. The excuse is divine. Type gazebo artist. The gazebo sees that way. And we are all, their audience, we just do not understand anything. And in fact, empty planets are not boring at all. This is a very cool idea! KAEF!

I’m afraid to imagine what the next game of the gazebo will be. They will make us new scrolls with an empty world without quests and say, they say so conceived. The world is actually not empty. Just so conceived. The world without quests is cool! After 300 hours, scrolls are opened.

And the otmaz will be in the style " well, you walk around the present world and do not find quests constantly, but you are not bored"

That’s exactly the same 6 scrolls will! There are no longer those people who made interesting worlds! You may not hope, the gazebo is dead! Only stupid does not notice this!

She died before buying a Fallut right. For, there was nothing in my head then.

Exactly! This is true!

This is not because there are games in which players go to distract from the life of the real world? Can also know the real world to developers, where money is not paid for hack?

Should make the player feel like a young moron*

But the players feel the boredom and someone even that they were thrown for $ 100.

They still cannot understand that it works only with seamless crossings when you see the entire scale. Even in the masses, the effect was better felt. And on the transitions between endless locations, you can see in any horned

"you see an empty planet and I see an opportunity" somehow it would have been optimizon and was burning at the same time with Skyrim

In general, the space itself is a rather boring place, which they counted on creating a game in such a setting?) This is not a simulator like Elite and not a series with its rich economic system

That is why Starfield was distributed in Gampass from the start, since otherwise the figures of the bought and the players would be simply terrible, and the requirements of the return would be many times more.

This is a game, not real space, damn it.
Well, well, many players felt depressed from boring planets and identical checkpoints.

What difference does it make if they do not need to control them, because moving is carried out through a fast-trough.

Most planets are logic and should be lifeless. There is no air, the temperature is not for living creatures. Only naked stones.

It’s good that the developers of Star Fail are friends with logic. It is bad that they are not friends with the development of games, and it is quite disgusting that they are not friends with their heads.

No Mans Sky was the same. A bunch of lifeless planets with resources. Modern players faded. When there were simple pixel toys that fit on the telly. We were written from them with happiness and did not complain. Rejoiced that there is one at all.

The modern gamer is accustomed to the fact that activity awaits it behind every angle .

Express empty planets and roam them is also part of the gameplay .

I do not justify the gazebo in any case, I have my dots, and in personnel and language and more .

But the rule works here .

Don’t like playing !

Yeah, how, "Fuck". Well, of course, you blurted out nonsense, at least stand, at least fall.

Convicted tankers and oldover with an increased content of cast iron in their heads probably still do not understand that over the past 35-40 years, the game industry could have changed, as well as the criteria for evaluating games by players. And people of a certain warehouse of the mind do not understand that there is such a thing as the players accumulated behind the shoulders of some kind (solid!) game experience, and they have something to compare the outgoing new items. Now "The simplest pixel toys" Only young children and stuck with consciousness in the past of the rusticans, who are still surprised by color TVs, can impress.
Yes, and you yourself, for sure, if the Internet suddenly turns off, you call your provider to the office and find out what it was, but you don’t go to the backyard of your house at all for entertainment to peel nettle or throw a cow on a shovel only from those reasons, only from those reasons, that in childhood it caused you unheard of happiness.

Handsome! I absolutely agree with you!

As they say, it was better silent)))

It seems to him such a pathetic blizzard at the meetings inspires him, and he is a fool, normal people are condescending to such a fool, and this one takes for a pure coin and even tries to drive others, you don’t understand anything a deep creative idea and not a banal hack)))

Empty planets are normal (though empty, except for the Earth, I have not seen there). Development answers Hat.

Well, they did it for glory. It is felt so much that I cut down the game 10 minutes after starting.

I would really feel depressed if I bought it g. O. And so just yell as the company continues to bury itself with my own hand!

But they are boring because you made them so.

For example, concept art on the News cap. Official. Starfield`ovsky. If it was fully implemented – it would be beautiful, perhaps even a memorable sight. But alas – stones, stones, stones.

OK. Then let them take a flight to the planet without loading, so that there is a choice. Or the transport will finally be added without a car on the planet in any way, simultaneously collecting materials from a laser of some. Then yes, one could say, but how they imagine "small man in the galaxy" I don’t understand, it’s very interesting to listen.

And the question. Are there any planets like on the scree?

No, art on the topic is just

Sorry, it would very much suit Starfield

Man by nature strive for a new. What does not fall under this category is called: being and routine. The study of monotonous planets, the battle with the bandits, the construction of the avantosts, could have been interested in this at least some goal. But in the game, everything is built on the accumulation of loans. Of course, ships and everything else are expensive, and from this point of view, the end justifies the means. But the new game deprives all resources, making the accumulations absolutely meaningless. But it’s worth it, settle in one universe, credits especially if you play for pirates, there will be nowhere to go.

Well, as if you want, if you wish, you can do anyone and justify anything, too, you can do anything and as you like. Since the time of the king of peas, then empty Danjons of the same type, now "evolved" Similar Baida in "planets". Well, or disgraced.. Gazebo Nevar Chainzh..

I agree, it was necessary to make excuses as a CDPR in a cyberpunk – just bring suitcases to the reviewers. And suddenly hundreds of absolutely identical monotonous fillers on the map – this "God, what a variable interesting content!! 112 out of 10!!".

It’s time to understand that in games with the vast world this world will never be 100% worked out just as in games with small rail locations. If you irritate relatively empty locations, you just do not need to go into such games. Well, or at least you do not need to climb into such locations.

Naver Sei Nevar Egane. Well, in any case, it will not be worked out for a long time. But, this does not mean that you should not try, Wright?)

It looks like some kind of departure from the question. The point is not that they are empty (which could be normal for the uninhabited planet (uninhabited planet for that and uninhabited, that there should be nothing on it)), but that the very generation of these same planets is shitty, simply a combination of identical objects, which does not even take into account such things the presence/absence of the atmosphere, temperature, etc.

"In Starfield, system requirements are aimed at making players feel small and depressed."

Typical requirements. On my Peck memory, only Fallut 3 and Skurim had low requirements or I just had a powerful pitch and who did not update the pitch for a long time on the sidelines, therefore, the requirements are low. To play the same Follaut 4 with good expires, Nada had enough trump card.

Basic message: "We gave you a sandbox and the same modding engine, use"

But they have not yet given full -fledged tools for modding, and the existing ones from Folych 4 are poorly suitable, since the engine was modified and much simply does not work as it should

You can’t put fashion for filling the planets?(With)

In fact, there are no full -fledged planets in the game and there is no picture of the planet from space, just hanging in front of you, with markers of places of interest. And when you land like a type, then a rather small area closed by invisible walls with the parameters of the area of ​​this planet with a location is created.

Empty cosmos and planets diluted with random meetings and quests, this is only part of the content in one big game that does not force anyone to anything, you need to talk about it and not try to describe the idea that no one understands, you can not make the planets not empty in principle, at least at this stage in the development of the gaming industry, we must talk about this, and not that this is actually a brilliant idea that no one understands.

On the other hand, it is clear that the whiner who wrote a claim that the content in the game is less than in Fallout or Skyrim is another theorist who did not play the game. There is a voluminous layer of haters who, in principle, laid a bolt on the game, and did not even try to download, because they, in their opinion, need to know – they already looked at Yutub. Namely "Empty planets" And "There is no Cosmas". The fact that manually knocked out locations in Starfield exceed the size of the towns and the dungeon of the same Skyrim by many times – this does not sway them. Because in order to understand this, you need to explore something there, to walk or fly somewhere. For what? I just took it, went to the Yutub-Heiter blog, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. All. No space, the planet is empty, the game is gamut. The review is ready.

I would not answer at the place of the gazebo at all in principle.

Well, yes, lose more than 90% of players, but do not understand anything. This is strong

Some planets in Starfield are empty in nature – but it’s not boring. "When the astronauts flew to the moon, there was nothing there.

Everything is repeated))) even sorry for them

News about this answer will soon be a month

They could not even come up with new answers? And in the stimen they continue to rub about the rampant fun of astronauts on the moon)

conceptual idea with planets correctly. but then they rather tried to sit on drukh stools. On the one hand, they tried to make it so that the universe was not quite empty there on the other side so that it all did not merge into the doshage with the destruction of the prefixed Badits of all alien evil spirits every 5 minutes and another extreme is to give the player a really empty world with a typical for the gazebo near the gazebo urban movement and a reward with a rare unique content, which if it leaked so much and will be 100 hours to purposefully look for its repetition if it is generally. that the players would not like much, but that would be such expirence of the first people on the moon.

How miserable they are

It was already about this news. Everything was already tearing over the gazebo.

You do not understand. The game is shed. Empty planets are cool!

Why did they get so faded to these planets, they are just a background for the game, no one forces them to run over them.

And how do you imagine "Full" planets? Like all the same avanposts, caves, etc.D. only every 50 meters?

As if they are not flying to the moon in order to have fun there.

The problem is not in the scale of voids on planets, the problem is the absence of ground transport. There are many games with the study of new worlds, but almost everywhere this can be done with interest. There are no problems with the inspection of points of interest in the same empirion, although they certainly are not more interesting than Starfieldovsky. Just do not need to run for ten minutes with a pedestrian. Although there are no such hard boundaries on the planets. But there is the most important thing there – high -speed transport.

Seriously, almost everything in the game liked it, but this mechanics of the pioneer – this is a straight hat. Because of it, I am already scipping 90% of the POI on uninhabited planets. Urgently need to do something with this and add some scooters, hoverbikes, soaring ships, etc.P. There are many ideas, you can just see how it is done in other games. Even in the same mass effect with his maco or hammer. But what is done now is very, very bad. Yes, the mechanics are extremely optional, do not want to – do not study, but it seems that the gazebo intentionally motivates players to cut a significant part of the content from their game.

Yes it is. Everyone is waiting for GTA 6

Oh, another reason for whining players. I do not think that Starfield’s developers need to answer something at all, there are rather obvious mechanics of questions about which adequate people will not have, and the one who wants to be offended is offended anyway, now gamers are worse than feminists.

"Worse than feminists" – Has the hd .

Yes, in fact, the same loud minorities became. All those inadequate who, for any reason, are trying to yell and download rights, blaming everything in all, but not trying to figure out anything.

At least Pyatka was then added with the same name to their planets so that it was not so stuffy … finally, the absence of content to explain the absence of content so, well, there the astronauts flew and there was fun dofig, maybe Todd Howard will send on the missile to far to the cosmots let the merry there Jupiter

In principle, if you do some kind of plausible realistic cosmos, I support that there should be a lot of planets where there is no one but the player and so in good speaking and valuable resources, it’s not on the surface. Thus sat on the planet and there is a literally empty map. But these background planets are purely for the sensation of what they eat and not that Iga says, forget it, it will be bored there, so you can’t go there, so let’s fly on.

If you still consider games "Typical gazebo" there is essentially the same simulator of boredom in Mordovond and Oblivion. There are a bunch of houses that are not needed for the plot and there is 1 non -cord in which standard dialogs. and a bunch of Luta, which is also not needed by the type of silver plates and clay jugs. By the idea that it was necessary to do – to leave only useful action items, draw the rest with the texture or glue the old men according to the type of furniture. Cut the number of locations so that you have to slip in them and close the steep staged action on the plot site so that everything explodes and the city hubs to sell the lutus and buy a more powerful lutus and spells as well as get interesting quests. and so that the shops are 24 hours a day and the characters are always available, or maybe that the daily cycle is not at all. lol. pure drive gameplay to be.

We are so used to that in games we are literally entertained on every corner that we do not perceive anything that at least slightly different. Resembles the story with Death Stranding

Death Stranding, Unlike the all -Retor Starfail, from the point of view of gameplay, it is almost perfectly thought out: the game gradually gives the player new ways to deliver boxes and boxes exactly at those moments when the gameplay is boring. Walked to the crematorium, brought a pile of drawers on foot and is about to strangle? Here you have a motorcycle, with it faster. There are a lot of goods and the road is long? Here you have a truck. Complex relief? Place the roads or use the electric board. Around the mountains and snow? Structure of the cable tracks and so on. Death Stranding does not let the player get bored.
Ha, who would have thought that the delivery of goods would be more interesting than a thousand thousand procedurally made planets.

For whom it is more interesting? A hat where the carrying of boxes is the entire gameplay is more interesting than RPG, in which the study of thousands of planets is absolutely optional?

No, the players did not get burnt. They derail.

Yes, a hat where the carrying of boxes is the entire gameplay is more interesting than RPG, in which the study of thousands of planets is absolutely optional. And almost ten times. I don’t even know if you can come to terms with this.

Well, someone is interesting to run to the wall. Yes, the world is full of fools, I have long come to terms with this.

You are right. Most importantly, don’t despair)

Skyrim and Foolauts are also also bended from the same pieces, this is some kind of duckling syndrome that there is something more unique in them than in Starfield.

There is nothing unique in Skyrim and Folauts. The only difference is that in Starfield exactly the same content is generated much worse in quality. What prevented the gazebo from making Starfield at least no worse than old games? Why did they manage to make the same content worse than exactly the same? How shoud I understand this?

A simple example. Count the number of enemies of enemies in Skyrim and Starfield? I counted three types of enemies in Starfield! THREE. And after go, calculate the types of enemies in old games, their diversity, their behavior. So in everything. Starfield seems to be the same thing that the gazebo did before, but the quality is worse. That’s the problem.

Gamdesign is more unique. No 1 in 1 identical locations. There are no so many bugs in quests.

Apparently you did not play these games, in Folych with Skyrim, first of the locations, it is several times less (right there, until you get somewhere, you can hang yourself and die out of boredom) the locations themselves are much more interesting, the second there were many different interesting events, there were many different interesting events, there were many different interesting events. meetings during adventures, worlds are more alive, there almost every NPS had a daily routine, and in the third Starfield, in general, in general, many of the previous Games of the gazebo, starting with pumping, especially as for craft, made a huge number of useless perks for craft and construction when Why is the construction itself much worse and poorer what was in F4, the companions after F4 It generally looks like some kind of castrated stink of any variety, made the opportunity to construct various ships but why, because there is not even close to the full cosmosim (I’m really silent about the fact that the game About space and there are no aliensI just fell out of this), but there are already no primitive elements that are in the same No Man Sky, starting from the ship’s call in Lyuba, the opportunity to fly around the planet, all -terrain vehicles on which to move much faster (even if this really saved the Starfield from the huge problems in the form of huge distances between locations) the ability to build teleports anywhere.Well, ending with a huge pile of minor flaws starting from the absence of an elementary local map, the clothes from the corpses do not disappear (and it was always a unique chip of the gazebo games) again there is no armor in parts, you can’t disassemble the trash to the components, I didn’t write about the loading perhaps the blind. Again, all these take -offs in the form of videos begin to annoy after a couple of hours, in the same No Man Sky, all this happens in real time, well, and optimizon is generally somewhere at the bottom level.

If I were delighted with the past games of the gazebo, they went through their heap once and I didn’t have a hundred hours of hours (moreover, I bought all the games with pleasure), then I have no desire to play at this division, I had a long time ago from the computer, This is not even for free.

What are empty planets? On the planets where there is life, there are living creatures and plants, points of interest. On dead planets resources, points of interest, pirates. Do not want to explore, forward by quests. The atmosphere of the cosmos is conveyed perfectly. Game about lutus and space, the basis of the role -playing game. What did you want to play in your empty cybercups, there’s nothing to do at all, from the word completely, an empty map, and the same thing, find, bring, steal, piles of the same bandits, everything, an empty world, there is nothing , the plot of shit, which does not end there, just nothing, gg corpse in all ends.

Explore what? Identified 1 in 1 building randomly generated through the control control control system? And nafuya? For what?

I don’t argue plusano and Skyrim caves, with rare exceptions, were also built from the same asses, but here it is just terrifying just one by one before the location of the mobs

Wow, boring space turned out to be boring. Wow. And he expected? That on every planet there will be a population under 10 billion. people and various countries?

Oncoming question – why the hell to do (although what to do, it has become funny – generate) 1600 planets instead of 5-10 how more sensible people offered? Also praise with this.

To be. To say – we have as much as 1600 planets!

To please lovers of the plot and fans of cosmosims. I don’t like the reality of the cosmos – fly on some plot planets. Questions?

Well, as I thought, there are no arguments for facts, only diesels.

But the Starfield is not cosmosym in any form. There can be no talk of cosmosyms lovers here. Uncle, Alyo!? What are you talking about?

There are also nothing to do lovers of the plot in Starfield, because the main plot is a total disgrace. The only way to find at least one of a thousand interesting quest is to engage in saids, which means, inter alia, to fly by wretched boring planets in finding content.

In general, as I thought, you have no facts a priori. And what you call facts is no facts. These are the most ordinary fairy tales, fantasies, speculation, but nothing more.

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