Genshin impact 4 patch announcement.3 – New characters, quests and promo code from broadcasting



Today, broadcasts took place on which Genshin Impact developers shared the details of the last update in that year at number 4.3. The update itself should appear on December 20 and, among other things, will bring 300 stones of the source as compensation for technical work on the server.

Let’s start with new characters. The first to deserve close attention will be Navia. The current president of a burning rose society, heiress of the Association Spin-Di-Rosul and just a spectacular character whose design is horrified by all cosplayers. It is worth noting that its signature weapons have a unique appearance (the first full -fledged halberd in the game).

This is a geo-Damager using a two-handed sword. The elemental skill is a shot from an umbrella-rustle. Applies a geo-dron and will intensify due to selected crystals from geo-reactions. The explosion of the elements is also a shot, but already a whole cannonade. She inflicts instant damage in the region, and then, within a few seconds, damage is caused "Fire support".

New 4* character Shever – Pirok-north with interesting design and unusual animation of attack and skills. Elemental skill with fast pressing allows you to take a shot from the musket on the nearest enemy. Long presses to aiming the aiming.

The explosion of the elements is a shot by a canopy, which inflicts instant damage in the square and leaves behind several shells exploding a pies -ilon a little later.

Together with Navia, the banner of the first half will share Kamisato Ayak – a wonderful cryo -dd, who should be added to the collection to everyone who is preparing for serious campaigns in the current abyss. In the second half, it is worth expecting Raine Ryden and Emiy. In the second half, Sheverez debuts and.

In addition to the main tasks related to new characters, it is worth expecting a special event related to the visit of Ayaki to Fontaine. The event promises to be complex, to include several activities. Materials for elevation, stones of the source and a special weapon-coil will perform awards.

In the update, the event will continue to be forgotten by many "Epic battle of beetles of magnificent arataki". The main change, in comparison with the last version, will be a more advanced battle system, with a lot of opportunities. Additional temporary events will be "Amazing products" And "Lost wealth", Well -known players.

One of the most important things that will bring up to update 4.3 – changes in the system of work with artifacts. In addition to a simplified improvement system, which will allow to pour an arbitrary amount of experience into the necessary fragments of sets. More flexible sorting parameters and even a system of recommendations will be added, which will help both beginners and experienced players. Testing systems will be optimized (they can be interrupted and continued from the place where you stopped), the system of instructions (automatic resource collection and re -sending "expeditions").

All lovers to configure your kettle should be prepared for the emergence of a new shape of the monastery. (now underwater).

Traditional promotional codes from developers:

  • RS99D5LVTM6V – 100 stones of the source and 10 magic reinforcement ore.
  • UBRQC4MCT4PZ – 100 stones of the source and 5 heroes of the hero.
  • 8BQ9cMMVS5PM – 100 stones of the source and 50,000 mora.

You can activate promo on the official website, or in the game (settings -> Account). The validity of the codes expires on December 9 at 07:00 (MSC).