Blizzard published notes for the next patch for Diablo 4, which will be released tomorrow



Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new patch for Diablo 4, which will be released on August 29 and will touch the various abilities of ordinary enemies and elite that apply the control of the crowd. Check out the other notes to the patch below.

Changes in the gameplay


Office of control effects

We made various changes to the game, affecting the skills of monsters and the properties of special opponents that impose the effects of control, including

  • Special monsters endowed with the property of “reinforcement by cold” and capable of quickly making several attacks (for example, ghostly archers and snakes thugs): now the “reinforcement of cold” property will not work with every blow.
  • The walls that occur when using the “chilling wind” will be less likely to intersect.
  • It became easier to avoid the effect of stunning imposed by cannibal as a devoucher.
  • The time of restoration of ice pillars used by the goat -legged.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the winding from the attacks of spiders.
  • Reduced the action of the effect of stunning imposed by the snake eyes of Nangari: earlier 1.5 seconds., Now 1.25 sec.
  • Other changes have been made that reduce the frequency with which enemies can impose the effect of control on the player.

Developer commentary: The purpose of the changes is to reduce the time that players spend under the influence of control effects, and also give players more time to restore after the end of the control effects, especially at high levels of the world.


  • In the explosion during the death of monsters endowed with the “Strengthening Fire” property, it occurs 1 shock wave less, and the explosion applies 20% less damage.
  • Fluttered fosition applies 14% less damage to the target.


  • Sorting the properties of objects has become more consistent.

Developer commentary: In the “blood season” we will change the display of properties in the descriptions of objects. These changes will lay the basis for further work, the purpose of which is to simplify the comparison of random properties.

  • Now, when using the filters “only seasonal” and “only my class”, the previous player settings are preserved in the menu of the Code of Power.
  • When playing with a controller, it became easier to use the menu of symbols improvement.
  • Now cross -platform progress retains achievements, trophies and tests with general criteria for unlocking on different platforms.

Corrections of problems

The season of the plague

  • Fixed a problem as a result of which a dark reflection called by the heart in the dodger cage displaced an incorrect description on the fields of hatred.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which, the effects of control, under the influence of which the player later turned out to be the heart, was called by the heart in the dodger cage.
  • Fixed a malfunction, as a result of which the effect of stunning from the heart in the chatted stroke cage did not work if the skill was saturated.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which monsters could open the door to the hall where Warshan is located in a voracious pit.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which the task of “Echo Warslan” could not be completed after the victory over Warsan, if before that the player died in a battle with him.
  • Fixed a malfunction as a result of which the completed tasks of the seasonal campaign were displayed in the “Recently passed” section in the test menu.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which the awards for the victory over Warsan did not fall into the player’s cache if the player missed them.
  • Fixed a malfunction, as a result of which for the victory over the echo of Warscle could not be guaranteed to get a legendary item at the level of 35 and above.
  • Fixed a malfunction, as a result of which Kormond did not appear after the victory over Warsan during the task “Cold cruel truth” if the leader of the group died in battle.

Game process

  • When the player used the skills and strengths below, attacking the monster, other players could also suddenly take advantage of the effects used. This problem was fixed.

Skills and passive effects

  • Weakness
  • The plague of darkness
  • Sticking blades
  • Crossing

Perfection nodes and symbols

  • Hemorrhage
  • Playing on weaknesses
  • Vengeance
  • Subordination
  • Fangs and claws
  • The resurrection
  • Gain

Fixed a problem as a result of which, when playing for a druid, the player’s bag could be filled with the blessings of spirits, which interfered with the completion of tasks for which it was required.

Developer commentary: Now, when playing for a druid, you can throw the blessings of spirits from a bag to take objects for tasks.