Cool gameplay, strange dialogs and freezes: the main thing from the preview Immortals of Aveum



A little more than a month later the release of the ambitious magic action of Immortals of Aveum from Ascentant Studios. The project intrigued with its spectacular gameplay at the first demonstrations of the game, but many of its features are still secret. Recently, Western journalists managed to spend several hours in the game and make an almost final opinion. Apparently, Immortals of Aveum will give a fascinating game process, but without minuses, alas, the game will not be able to do

According to journalists, the main advantage of Immortals of Aveum is the main gameplay of the game. The rapid gameplay is ideally combined with spectacular first -person spells. The media notes the excellent action of the action on the Unreal Engine 5, which provides spectacular special effects and a pole gameplay. Among the shortcomings is the main character and his dialogues. The character came out banal, and his whole replicas seem like a stupid attempt to joke, according to preview.

Here are a few excerpts about Immortals of Aveum from different publications:

I, as a player for 40, Immortals of Aveum really reminds me of something close and dear to my heart: about the long-standing fantasy shooters from the first-person from Raven Software Heretic and Hexen. It seems to me that I did not see that magic and shooting in the first person are combined so well since the classics of the 90s. I do not think that the full context of Jack’s history will make it or someone else’s dialogues in this game more tolerant when I get the full version, but I am quite sure that the fight, who is fuel with magic, will not leave me indifferent.

In general, I have mixed impressions of the story sold at Immortals of Aveum. Which is not subject to discussion is a cheerful gameplay. The combination of spells into a chain and the search for the optimal way of cleaning the battlefield never become obsolete, and it was always nice to observe their development. Even a few days later, I think about different ways that I could cope with some of the bosses and more complex sections of demo, and I hope that the full game will be as fresh and violent as the part I played in.

– Verdict in the preview of Windows Central.

Despite my various freezes, I hope at Immortals of Aveum, but how the studio realizes the final vision, will determine whether it is worth spending dozens of hours on this game. Ascentant Studios was able to share only a small piece of game. There are many gaping holes in history and gameplay, which, I can only hope, will answer in the final product.

– write in Distractify.

In general, the preview is very much reminiscent of another recent magic action – Forspoken. Then the journalists, before the game, also praised the dynamic gameplay and magic, criticizing the dialogs of the main character. At the exit, Forspoken turned out to be a failure, but Immortals of Aveum has a chance to avoid her fate. The release of the project will be held on July 20 at the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.