Sniper Elite 5 received the final set of content of the 2nd season Kraken Awakes



Today, Rebellion has announced the release of DLC Kraken Awakes, the last content package for the second season of Sniper Elite 5. Getting ready to sow chaos against the Kraken operation and prove your skill skill on all platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The information collected in previous missions showed that the Kraken operation is still an impending threat requiring immediate actions. Karl Fairburn, a legendary sniper, must use the cover of darkness and use the strength of the shadows to sabotage the aircraft carrier under construction, which is the new house of the Kraken operation, and guarantee that it will never go on swimming. The fate of the Allies hangs in the balance while you are fighting with Friedrich Fogel, the former deputy abeller Meller and the new inspirer of this devilish scheme.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, traveling along a difficult to designed military document and solving the secrets hidden inside a huge aircraft carrier. With many secrets awaiting their disclosure, are in no hurry to collect valuable information and prevail in your mission to save the world from the impending death.

Kraken Awakes offers not only an exciting plot and gameplay, but also new additions to your arsenal. Plunger into the completely American image of Karl with the new skin for the weapon “Patriot” and the skin for the character “American Paratrooper”. Dominate the battlefield with a MOD pistol.712 with rented stores and unsurpassed rate of fire in automatic mode. It is ideal for close combat.

In addition to the Kraken Awakes Rebellion content package, she introduced a new exciting multiplayer map of the ABANDONED QUARRY. Participate in heartbreaking shootings, exploring the insidious depths of the old mine. Look for viewing points and hidden angles in a nearby carbon -processing center, providing perfect sniper reviews throughout the map. Do you prefer a secretive approach or total shooting and action, an abandoned quarry offers adrenaline experience for snipers of all the styles of the game.