SCS Software employees shared their vision of the future alteration of California for American Truck Simulator



The California Rework project is a difficult task that we worked on for a long time, and, despite the required hard work and selflessness, we did not have the opportunity to mention unnoticed heroes, which are part of a devoted team.

We hope that you will like this small presentation of SCS map designers who are currently working on the 3 -alterations of California, and their short messages to you, #bestcommunityever.

Janyk (current project manager)

I took over the alteration of California from Mrazík, and this is my very first project as the head of the DLC for cards, but, of course, not the first project that I worked for. You can see my work in DLC for Aidaho, Wyoming, Montana, as well as in the upcoming DLC ​​for Oklahoma.

My main goal in the California REWORK project is to convey the atmosphere of all areas of California as best as possible and provide maximum comfort for the team so that we can deliver you California just the way you always wanted.


Also participated in the creation of DLC for Oklahoma. In the third phase of California, I especially like extensive plains, almond fields and farms. Players can count on the new and polished coat California, which I personally consider the most exciting.


I worked on the second phase of alteration of California, where, together with Donner Pass and the tracks I created the US-80. I also helped to finish some other locations and participated in correcting errors. I am currently working on Stocton and US-50, which have the same mountain landscape as Donner Pass.


When I joined SCS two and a half years ago, we started working on the second stage of alteration in California. Meanwhile, I also helped with other DLC for cards. Work on the third phase of alteration for me is still the most interesting, because I have the opportunity to focus on cities and industrial areas that I like the most. I am convinced that players will also like this new part of the card, since they can look forward to the appearance of many new attractions and areas.


Alteration California is the first project in which I participate as a younger designer of cards. What I like the most in Rework is the huge creative freedom that I have to influence, elevate and transform each location, resulting in new interesting places!


My first task in SCS was to design a simple country road for DLC Utah almost 4 years ago. Since then, I have gone a long way, working on a few DLCs between them and performing complex tasks, such as El Paso, Texas. In our game, California has a bright summer atmosphere compared to other states. You can feel the presence of the Pacific Ocean nearby, and our original map reflected this well. The processing receives the same quality as the new DLC, with a much improved and denser road network, many new attractions and a recently added city of Modesto, the author of which I am.


I was involved in processing from the very beginning, it seems that we started with three people. During my work in SCS, I also worked on the creation of several roads for Montana and Texas. I currently like to work on small historical settlements with organic structures. I find American contrast between conventional concrete jungle and organic development, such as in Santa Curus, exciting. Players can expect a lot of detailed content and beautifully designed cities and landscapes.


Like an ugly person, I do everything so that my region does not look as bad as I myself. This includes the use of skills and knowledge that I received before coming to SCS Software, working on my own card project for American Truck Simulator. I think that many players will appreciate a new feeling of California.


Since I joined the SCS, work on the third stage of California Reug – this is my first experience with cards of this scale. I am grateful to my experienced colleagues who lead me on this path of improvement and discoveries. It was very interesting to watch the growth of new and improved California, and I think there is something to rejoice.


I have been working as a card designer in California for two years and also participated in the previous stage. I currently like to work on various coastal roads. Players can definitely rely on many new amazing views of the ocean.


I have been working in SCS for almost a year, and the alteration in California is the first project that I worked on. I hope players will like to explore the updated familiar locations of this cult state.

Honorary Mention – Mrazík (previous leader of the group)

The ongoing efforts to restore California in accordance with modern quality standards entered their third phase with a clear purpose: to present an impressive renewal of content with which each ATS player can move and enjoy. At the moment, I firmly believe that the team successfully caught the very essence of California cargo transportation, architecture and culture, and I look forward to the release of the final product in the game.

Although I am no longer part of the team of cartographers, seeing the potential of Yanek, I gladly entrusted him with the role of the new DLC leader for cards, since he shares similar values ​​and has the ability to motivate and inspire the team better than I have ever. Could, along with the full energy necessary to bring to excellent completion the fact that the team and I began.

We really hope that you liked this small digression from our usual messages in the blog related to cards. The team does everything possible to provide you with amazing experience, and we are not tolerated to show you some other than what they are working on in the future. In the meantime, follow our blog or follow us on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok) to keep abreast of new updates.