Gamesvoice studio showed the first diary of the localization of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor



Gamesvoice studio released the first video day about how the studio is working on English localization for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

In the video, the authors talked with the performers of the roles of the protagonist (Mikhail Martyanov) and one of the main villains (Islam Ganjaev), simultaneously opening the secrets of the process of working on voice acting.

We remind you that now there is a fundraising for English dubbing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It remains to gain 280 thousand to achieve all the goals set! Let’s push, and let the force be with all of us!

Tanjiro will voice here)

I thought for a second that this is Stas ascetic on the video

what is there with the voice acting DEAD Space or they do not do it?

Previously, Mechanics Voiceover, but the curator went to Gamesvoice taking all his projects with him – GTA Vice City, Dead Space, Max Payne 3, The Suffering, The Wheel of Time, GTA San Andreas and Jagged Allian.

The project curator recently at Gamesvoice was unsubscribed in the comments that in August it should be released – the edge of the beginning of September. Now they are engaged in the implementation of resources in the game. Audiologists insert

Sorry I have passed and I don’t want to play first

Andronov you are in general fire

Islam is normally hiped everywhere) Good luck and further in his work

Well, we are waiting!

They are engaged in durustics. It would be better to remove the second part of the meeting place cannot be changed. The film turned out to be good why they did not want to make a second part.

We picked up everything at once. Hogwarts said in early August to be launched. Soon no one will throw the grandmother for voice acting with such deadlines

You apparently do not understand anything in the process of voice acting, dates, etc.D

From the very beginning, Hogwarts said that they would release by the end of the year, there were no terms of issue in August.Moreover, their projects are done in parallel, the production of the voices of Half-Life Alux, Silent Hill 3, Plague Tale: Requem this year does not affect the release of other voice speakers in any way.Official voice acting for playing this scale is made 1-2 years before the game is released.So I ask you to figure out what works.

Within the framework of limited budgets, a large number of projects are the necessary evil. Projects nourish each other and allow, within the framework of one session of recording, to use actors in several games at once. Then the total cost becomes lower, and the games get a greater variety of votes.

That is, tritely, you called the actor on the record of Hogwarts, and he recorded Hogwarts, Starvars, and Wi City and something else. And all at the price of one entry for Hogwarts. Just because the actors have hourly payment and even if he worked 10 minutes, you pay for the whole hour.

For this reason, immediately after the completion of one project, the second, and sometimes the third, is taken into the work. Material for records should always be.

. So I ask you to get acquainted with their last video, in which they themselves spoke about the beginning of August and other videos, where they spoke about the 85%readiness of the project in early summer. Before you come up

For starters, you delve into what I’m leading to, you stay in your opinion, and I, with your own, you may stop lies with those who do not want to know you, you may think that you need to demand from people for invested funds

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