A petition appeared on the network demanding to release Starfield exclusively on PS5



Recently Microsoft and Bethesda held a presentation of future games. Among them, one of the upcoming exclusive games for Xbox – Starfield was shown in great detail. Bethesda has worked on this exclusive for eight years. Apparently, the game has acquired a lot for this for a long time development.

After the project demonstration, the game received much more fans than anyone could assume. So much so that for some it was even an occasion to think about buying Xbox.

Nevertheless, there is one person who is clearly dissatisfied with both the exclusivity of Starfield for Xbox, and the fact that Microsoft bought Bethesda. In the last attempt – and absurd – this man placed a petition called "Make Starfield Exclusive PS5. " hoping to change these circumstances.

For more than ten years, Bethesda Game has been going to PlayStation. They are better sold and work better for PlayStation. Xbox and especially Phill Spencer have no right to take them away.

Firstly, the exclusivity of the Xbox will damage not only PlayStation, but also the base of the players. If such a large game as Starfield is available only on Xbox, this leads to limiting the number of players in the game and reduces the number of players PlayStation. That is, now Microsoft can set higher prices because they have no competition, and take the players from Sony. We cannot allow it.

Secondly, Xbox and its 12 loyal players do not deserve Starfield or any exclusivity. They are not only arrogant and annoying, but also annoyed from the very show. This is psychopathy. Now they specifically disseminate news about Starfield to make us owners PlayStation be upset.

Thirdly, the exclusivity will not benefit either Microsoft or Starfield itself. The situation is simple. If the game goes to Xbox, it will be a bad game. If she goes to PlayStation, it will be a good game. There is no other way to avoid this. Anyone who speaks the opposite spreads fake news. If you do not want Starfield to fail and become the most terrible bug that is only possible, you need to release it on the PlayStation.

It is for all these reasons that all Bethesda games are available on PlayStation. Moreover, as the punishment of Xbox and his terrible base of players, we must make sure that in the future any and all Bethesda games are released only on the PlayStation. Not just Starfield.

At the time of writing, 815 players signed a petition, doubting the sanity of a person who created it, expressing words such as: "You already went completely" or "You have to start thinking about your own life". Naturally, no one thinks that this petition will ever achieve success.