10th expedition No Man’s Sky, Singularity, came out with a much longer narrative arch



The British developer Hello Games continues to regularly surprise No Man’s Sky updates with the frequency of updates. Just a few days ago, the studio launched a native version of the game for MacOS. Today the studio announced the release of the tenth expedition No Man’s Sky, which, in their opinion, is completely different from the previous.

The named Singularity, it will focus on the perverted AI and the uprisings of the robots, which, according to Hello Games, were still in a strange way in scientific and fiction games. The developers said that Singularity will develop over a much longer story of five weeks. This will begin with the fact that players explore the “heads of robots” that scatter tips throughout the galaxy.

They will cooperate with Polo and milk yield to find out what is behind this space anomaly. In addition, players will make a choice at the end of the expedition, and this decision will have consequences that will develop in the future story of No Man’s Sky. Of course, participation in the expedition will open many cool awards, such as a new set for tuning a robot character.

It is very sad that the previous expeditions cannot be passed again, I only started playing a year ago and managed to try out only the 8th expedition, well at least awards for the expedition can be opened in the initial, there are very tasty buns there.

And so, of course, the outfits are very pleased with the reinforcements and that they still finish and support the game with new content, though if before that all the renewal was really pleased, upgrading 4.0 quite so upset T.To. Many moments and mechanics broke in the game from production and ending with the prices of goods, in fact they killed the entire chao and the point of building factories for the extraction of activated India, and I would understand if they had reduced the price a couple of times, but they simply lowered it below the baseboard As a result, many other elements that are many times easier to get more expensive.

How much I have not tried – the game does not delay, although there is something externally exotic in it, but this is not enough, only the first entry in the distant years surprised, but even then I did not go and abandoned

what you need to correct there, otherwise, too, some of the sectures are missed

They have already made a repeated marathon of all expeditions twice for those who missed, so do not worry, they will repeat.

It is possible, periodically launch the repetition of old expeditions in a row. Of course they give a term less, but there is enough time

Here’s something in it, having played 707h. Having looked at the video, I wanted to drive more)))

Also played for about 300 hours. There is something attractive in this game. Given its size (on PS5 only 14GB) also looks amazing.

I don’t understand where all this is what they describe, 40 hours for a plot is nothing.

The plot there is stupid for a box, the game is not about the plot if you played 40 hours and still did not understand this, apparently this is not yours.

If in short, hopeless decay of eternal cycles of simulations from the car abandoned by the creators. If it were not for the suction of the feed, then this plot would be very nothing.

You would also talk about the plot about the plot. What other plot is in "sandbox". Yes there are minor tasks. Everything is conditional. And you need to understand it right away.(more than 200 hours are played, the main imagination)

If you need a plot, then this is simply not your game, if in 40 hours it did not impress you, then you should not try further. If you need target designations and points of interest, the game is not for you, it is for those who create them there. I have 1100 hours and the game is even more interesting than before!

Agree! And it is strange that diesels are sculpted for you, and he likes him, as if we are talking about the rightness of anyone)) the game either likes a person or not, a point, another is not given. I think so.

Yesterday it swore upgrades, weighs 9 gigs.

Why the expedition is not available?

"Named Singularity, it will focus on the perverted AI and the uprisings of robots" – Wrap!

Even in Goga there is no update so far.

She will focus on the perverted AI and the uprisings of robots, which, according to Hello Games, were still in a strange way in scientific and fiction games

Stellaris – Well, yes, yes, I went n **** p

Good afternoon. At the first stage I have a bug. Not defended, although he did everything, examined the camp, but the reward (drawing of the sealant) is not given. It is stupidly written to examine the camp. I checked twice fuel and not horseradish!

I have 2k+ hours in Steam, and I can confirm with confidence that the game has no plot and no "Procedure generation" Biomov (very poor and monotonous, if you play without mods- it is very disappointed). That in this case I personally attracts me in this "sandbox"? Extremely extreme challenges that I come up with for myself or borrow from the NMS yuutubers (mainly Pendokhos)-and, most importantly, hunting for rare starships, frames, frigates and multitules. Oh yes, there are also expeditions, which (with a few exceptions) are a little more than completely (all of them passed, from the first to the last, tenth), but they give funny awards. Usually, in the first days of launch, I pass this hard labor as quickly as possible to get the buns to the entire account, and then I dive again for the rarity and in the Challengi.

And yes, of course, this is not my only game, so I can throw it for a month or two, following only not to miss the next distribution of trophies.

PS. Purely creative people may like to build the most bizarre buildings in creative mode (many do this only), but I have not yet mastered this side of the game. I have enough for the happiness of the standard "chicken coop" with a small farm and (optionally) a factory for the extraction of an activated Indium. The saddest thing in NMS, in my opinion,– "Killed" economy. It is too easy to become a billionaire, and there is actually nothing to spend money on.

Plus, the game has a complex culinary system, just a lot of culinary recipes, but in fact they are a little more than useless- both for Buffs and for sale. Farm with them does not justify itself, since there are much faster and lighter forms of earnings. It is strange that the developers put so much effort in this type of gameplay, but did not at all think through its real benefit for the players. If only they gave the opportunity to use all these wonderful dishes as a variety of decor for the house, or something, since there was not enough fantasy to come up with all sorts of procedural culinary quests or contests with prizes in the form of unique decorations.